State Police Investigate Alleged Sexual Assault on College Campus

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LA PLUME TOWNSHIP -- Walking to and from class, concerns over a reported sexual assault were on the minds of students at Keystone College.

State police are still in the early stages of their investigation

“It was definitely a little shocking I felt it was a little nerve wracking but to know that it was an email that said it was being investigated by the state police made me feel a little bit better that it was being taken care of,” said Ellie Ennis.

Police say a student was forced into a car in the Moffat Hall parking lot where they were taken to an unknown location where they were then sexually assaulted.

Keystone students tell Newswatch 16 they received an email saying the college notified state police and we advised students to take extra caution.

Taylor Tavares is a senior resident assistant at Keystone College.

On top of that Taylor is also part of "It's On Us" club on campus. The national campaign works to provide students with information to stop sexual assault from happening on college campuses.

“Across the board, it’s known as the red zone when freshman first come in and when they first come to college is when they are most vulnerable to sexual assault,” Taylor Tavares.

Taylor says her group will continue to educate and help students with any sexual assault issues.

“We have a lot of options here we have student conduct and campus safety we also have health services here we have counseling here. We offer counseling and we are here for them 24/7,” said Tavares.


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