Memorial Stadium Reopens After Nearly a Month of Repairs

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WILKES-BARRE -- The rainbow over Wilkes-Barre Memorial Stadium could have signified a new beginning but the temporary repairs to the place revealed an uncertain future.

The Thursday night week three game between Nanticoke and GAR was the first game of the year at the 87-year-old stadium.

Crews raced to fix the tunnel to the locker rooms and closed off the old elevated walkway. Both were starting to crumble due to years of wear and tear.

Four separate high schools play their home games here, meaning all their home games over the first two weeks of the season had to be moved.

It's not just football games that are affected when games are moved. The concession stands serve as fundraisers for the teams, the boosters, and the bands.

When they lose a home game, it really hurts the bottom line.

On this night, the GAR band parents were manning the stand.

"We were concerned about what we were going to do. Like I said, this is a big fundraiser for us. We were really concerned with what the future would hold for us as far as the rest of the season," said Ellis Hall.

Memorial Stadium first opened in 1930, and it has hosted some big games over the years.

It's attached to Meyers high school, which itself has structural deficiencies, and is set to be closed and demolished once a new Wilkes-Barre high school is built.

Whatever the future holds, fans of the Wilkes-Barre schools say there's no place like home.

"It looks good. It looks better than before," said Samantha Rodriguez.

"Looks better than it did. It doesn't look good, but they fixed it up a little bit," said Khira Cook.

Wilkes-Barre school officials have said they want to keep Memorial Stadium and fix it up, even after Meyers high school is torn down.

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