Helping Victims of Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma

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ARCHBALD -- An effort here in our area to help victims of Hurricane Harvey has now shifted focus. A trailer full of supplies may now be redirected to Florida.

A big rig's trailer will be parked at Archbald's borough building for the next few weeks as a big delivery is loaded in one donation at a time.

'Well, today I brought cat food because I'm a lover of animals, cat food, some bleach, some toilet paper, paper products, cleaning products, soaps, toothbrushes," said Karen Rapoch.

Archbald borough officials put out the call to residents to drop off items that could help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

"It's a little bit, but, a little bit, and then everybody else gives a little bit, and then we get a lot," Rapoch said.

They're working with FEMA on what, when, and where the trailer will go. Hurricane Irma may change the plans.

This trailer was donated and another business in Archbald has offered to pay for the fuel to get the truck down to Texas or Florida, if that's where it needs to be.

"They'll let us know where to take it and what to do, hopefully, if they have enough trucks, maybe they can send it to Florida if needed. I don't care as long as people get it that needs it," said Archbald Mayor Shirley Barrett.

People in town dropped off items, and even checks, while workers loaded the trailer.

"We're on board, Lackawanna County is on board, and all out boroughs here, so I'm thrilled to be able to help them," the mayor said.


The borough will collect donated items during business hours and on Saturdays until the trailer is full.


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