Teachers Consider Strikes in Two Districts in Lackwanna County

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SCRANTON -- Students went back to class Wednesday in the Scranton and Abington Heights School Districts -- two districts where there has been talk of teachers going on strike.

Teachers in the Abington Heights School District have set a strike date of September 12. School officials wrote on the district's web site that a strike could be as short as a day or extend until the end of September.

Drop off and pick up for new kindergarteners went smoothly for the first day at South Abington Elementary despite the rain.

Moms we talked to say they're already making plans in case of a lengthy break from class. Opinions differ over whether a teachers' strike--and the break from school--will be worth it.

"First grade, what's she going to miss, really? We're OK. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so if she has to be home, she's home with me. Other parents I feel bad for, but I'm for the teachers, so whatever they have to do," said Erin Smith of Newton Township.

At Abington Heights, a teachers strike could last through most of September. The district has already set up a web site and text alert system to keep parents informed.

"My concerns are maybe the holidays being shorter and the kids going longer. It's going to disrupt a lot of parents with vacationing for the summer for the children," said Allison Moyer of Clarks Summit.

There are similar concerns in Scranton where a possible teachers strike is not as imminent. Teachers are working without a contract and the union has voted to authorize a strike but no date has been set.

Both looming strikes, in Scranton and the Abington Heights School District, could be resolved before teachers hit the picket lines with last-minute contract negotiations.

That's an outcome parents we talked to are hoping for.


  • Cindy Snyder

    That’s the Union. It was designed to look after the people working under it. They’ll figure it out. Not everything is an easy fix. It’s interesting though, how a parent would be more concerned with the interference of holiday and vacations, than in the disruption of education and the inconvenience put on working parents.

  • Robert

    I find it ironic it was the founder of the modern democratic party F.D.R was opposed government workers being represented by unions for the purpose of collective bargaining. Thirty years later another iconic American president (3rd and final HINT: 1962) signed Executive Order 10988 permitting government workers to collectively bargain. The problem with public sector workers being represented by a union is simply NO PROFIT. Unions found themselves in possession of a cash cow and have worked hard to milk it dry ever since. Fortunately the are some state limitations when it comes to strikes and the only real power teacher’s unions have is only to inconvenience parents but not withhold services. Funny how the school is off but Friday football a on. That demonstrates to me just how big of a joke this all is. Astounding that once again the answer to many of these issues that demonstrate the characteristics of a beating heart lay in the hands of voters at the most basic level. Irritating though to see people taking sides on a issue they demonstrate so little knowledge of with such poorly articulated arguments. Just wondering when the last time anybody changed the mind of another via insults.

  • UnionsruinAmerica

    Maybe if the teachers are that unhappy they shouldn’t be teaching anyway . They can always go find another job,choose a different career path. I was always taught that an unhappy employee does a poor job.

    • Sarah

      You got that right. And I’m just dumb enough to believe everything a foreign owned news network like Fox tells me.

    • Me

      Very few people like their jobs now a days…or haven’t you heard? I just wanna win the lottery so I can leave this country. No one is making money anymore but the shareholders and the CEOs. I’d rather be sleeping. Collecting welfare and Medicaid.

      • Ralph

        Then it would make me feel good cause some one hated school more than me.
        As Alice Cooper said, “Schools out for Summer!”.

    • Bruiser

      Maybe if your teachers weren’t payed so poorly, you might have been taught better, and you wouldn’t have made such an uneducated comment.

  • Scab Teachers

    Teachers have become selfish ignorant fools who believe that they are the best and the only ones capable of doing anything right in this country.

    • Randy

      Kids don’t need an education past the 3rd grade. Get them back to the coal mines and working. Make America Great Again.

      P.S. Or build the Wall.

  • roy

    There is always plenty of money to go around. Why are these issues left up to the school board anyway. They are just randomly elected people who have no good reason to be there anyway, except for Chief Kessler at North Schuylkill that is!

  • Me

    Looks like Kelly services will be back hunting for teachers again. Good luck, they want a bachelors plus the employee pays for all the background tests etc. All for 100 bucks a day. Good luck.

  • Kraven Morehead

    Funny, they get 3 months off every year and all the state and federal holidays but want to be paid like they are full-time. Get lost. 75% of benefits and wages sounds like an even trade to me, especially when they are putting out a terrible product.

  • Tapped Out Taxpayer

    Teachers: “School district nearly broke? Screw you….pay us! Taxpayers can’t afford any more increases? Screw you…pay us!”

      • Joe

        I’ve had students in the Abington heights district since September 2006 and there hasn’t been a strike in any of those years. I believe it was threatened a few years ago but an agreement was reached. My kids have had nothings but positive from the teachers there. I hope they get what they need to continue working. AH provides an amazing education.

      • Joe

        Augie, that’s a broad brush to paint an entire community with. A lot of communities are dealing with drugs. I hope you aren’t naive enough to think it’s not happening in your community. The opioid epidemic has made its way through all social classes. Furthermore, I’m not exactly sure how teachers enable the behavior. If memory serves me, the drug and acohol policy in the school is very strict.

      • Me

        It’s a shame about these kids and the opioid epidemic. It has nothing to do w this conversation. But now that it’s been brought up, lots of people experimented w drugs back in the day, but the drugs weren’t so lethal otherwise a good percentage of posters on this site would be silenced by now.

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