Ride Safety a Concern for Upcoming Bloomsburg Fair

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BLOOMSBURG -- The 162nd Bloomsburg Fair is just over two weeks away and crews are already setting up rides. There are extra safety measures being taken this year for those rides.

Alabama, Chicago, and Martina McBride are some of the musicians performing at this year's Bloomsburg fair and people are already buying tickets.

Fair officials got together and talked about the excitement of the fair, but it's not all fun and games. There is a lot that goes into making sure fairgoers are safe.

Earlier this summer, one person died at the Ohio State Fair after the Fireball ride malfunctioned. Its maker says there was corrosion inside a beam.

Bloomsburg Fair director of security Bill Barratt tells Newswatch 16 ride inspections here will be looking for that, too.

"So there's procedures we're taking to have that corrected. Now they check inside the pipe with a scope," Barratt explained.

Reithoffer Shows usually runs all of the rides and games at this fair. This year, Reithoffer is also doing another fair so additional rides will be brought in from another company.

"A report will be given to me every day of every ride that's been inspected so the rides will be safe," said Barratt.

Linda Stasko was picking up tickets Wednesday and tells Newswatch 16 she is glad the rides are inspected several times a day.

"That's a good idea, especially at fairs where they're taking them down and putting them back up."

People we spoke with are confident in the rides.

"I think they're safe or they wouldn't be here. That's my opinion," said Albert Kistulentz.

"They're always on top of it, trying to make sure they're going to run safe so they don't have any incidents," Jeanne Kistulentz said.

The Bloomsburg Fair starts on Saturday, September 23 with a preview day Friday, September 22.


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