90-Year-Old Woman Killed in Hit and Run in Tunkhannock

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- A 90-year-old woman is dead after she was hit by a vehicle in Wyoming County.

Authorities said Maxine Stroka was taking out her garbage on West Tioga Street near Tunkhannock when she was hit around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. She died not long after.

Cheryl Meek came by to place flowers for a friend and say goodbye.

"She babysat my kids when they were young, my children are 30 now. She baby sat them when they were 3 and 5 and she was someone I could always count on," Meek said.

Police say the driver, John Hanyen, 55, of Milan, got out of the car to see what happened, then got back in and sped off.

State police later spotted the car on Route 6 near Tunkhannock just before 11 p.m.

Police say they were able to find Hanyen after a witness gave them his license plate number.

People in the community are shocked by what happened.

"Now I think the police should out patrolling better and catching these people," said Norman Ludwig of Tunkhannock. "Why don't they stand outside the bars or something or do something, cops, because it's happening too often."

"I know they are trying to cut down on the drunk driving and everything like that but it's still an everyday occurrence," said Stark Drogan of Meshoppen.

Meek said that even as an elderly woman, Stroka was known as a caring woman and will be missed.

"I can't believe the whole thing, like, to think you are putting your garbage out and you get hit by a drunk driver. It's terrible, it's awful, so, thank God they caught the guy."

Hanyen was charged with DUI and homicide by vehicle. He's locked up in Wyoming County.

There are no funeral arrangements yet for Stroka.


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