Police Search for Mailbox Miscreant in Carbon County

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LEHIGHTON -- Police in the Lehighton area are searching for a mail thief after they discovered a sticky substance and some dropped checks.

Police say from Thursday, August 31 to Friday, September 1, the crook used a sticky substance, maybe glue, inside a mailbox at the Lehighton Post Office, making sure letters didn't drop down when folks tried to mail them.

Investigators believe that person or people stole mail, looking for checks or cash.

"I just think it's terrible and it really doesn't surprise me in this area because I think people will do anything in this area just to make money. It's just the way it seems lately,” said Nicholas Keiser of Lehighton.

Mahoning Township police say on Sunday, checks were found on the side of Route 209.

They traced them back to the post office where postal workers discovered the mailbox mischief.

"People around here, get away with a lot, so I usually hand my mail to the mail lady which is safer,” said Linda Hartrenft of Mahoning Township.

Police say if you've used the mailboxes recently in Lehighton, you need to verify that the mail has arrived.

You also need to call the Lehighton Post Office, the Mahoning Township police, and the Lehighton police.

“I have used that mailbox and it would worry me. Dropping a letter in there and thinking that it's something important that has to be somewhere in a certain amount of time. Yeah, it's worrisome,” said Keiser.

Police said they do not have any suspects.


  • huggy

    Carbon county is the only county that has people dumber than schuylkill county. That is really bad when you see how dumb skooky’s youth sports coaches are and their borough council morons? My gawd Carbon county you people are pathetic

  • Wnepviewer

    Is that Joey Schnedecker going to be riding his bicycle anywhere anytime soon? I had lots of fun reading those articles. Joey is a funny fellow maybe he can do an autograph signing sometime at Dutch Kitchen Frackville

  • Anywhere but there

    Time to redesign mail boxes. Post office can raise rates and unions can triple the price for fabricating and install. Thanks to the junkies. The epidemic does affect everyone.

    • El Ma

      Junkie? A drug addict is dropping some substance into a mailbox? Bwahahahaha! Uh………no. Most likely bored kids.

      To prevent this type of thing from happening along with the Red Balloon Epidemic, the USPS needs to install rabid weasels in all drop boxes so that ONLY envelopes skitter past. Larger parcels or limbs would be ripped to ribbons. And, there would be no Union fees associated with weasel employment.

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