New School Year at New High School

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MONTOURSVILLE -- Within three years, a plan to renovate Montoursville Area High School has gone from a sketch on the wall to the first day of class.

"I don't even know where I am going half the time, so I can only imagine what the freshman are going through," said Kaylie Schans.

"This is going back to my elementary days, my 41st first day of school and I'm still nervous," said Dan Taormina.

Construction on the controversial $36 million project is still underway in hopes of finishing portions of the work with fewer distractions. Classes started a week later this year.

"The classrooms are a lot cleaner and there are less cracks in the walls," said Schans.

Students slowly began moving into the new school late last year. Over the summer months, finishing touches on a parking lot were completed. A portion of the old school building was demolished.

"The hole that's over on Arch Street is what's left from tearing down the 1931 building and behind that goes the weight room and the gym which is still construction,” said Taormina.

While there is plenty of construction to be seen on the outside of the school, students tell us it's what's happening inside the classroom that's making the biggest impact.

"Now we have air conditioning in our rooms which is really nice and also the whiteboards are all touch and we are able to use them a lot easier than in the last school,” said Schans.

"Between the natural light and the cycling of the fresh air in this facility, they are more alert. Teaching and learning goes on much better in this building that the other," said Taormina.

"It took a little longer than I would have liked, but I mean I'm glad very glad," said Josh Dinges.

All construction is expected to be finished by the end of 2017.

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