With Gas Prices Up, Drivers Welcome Labor Day Budget Help

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DORRANCE TOWNSHIP -- With gasoline prices up dramatically in the last week because of Hurricane Harvey, people are trying to stretch their travel dollars as far as they will go.

Members of the Collie Club of Northeastern Pennsylvania are doing what they've been doing on most holiday weekends, for the past 10 years--offering coffee and donuts in exchange for a donation.

On this Labor Day weekend, they've set up at the rest area along Interstate 81 north near Dorrance.

"It's our only fundraiser of the year. This is how we finance our nonprofit organization," said Michael Free.

By the way, you won't find any collies there. The coffee and donut tent is in an area off limits to pets.

This year's Labor Day travel holiday is a little different than the one of 2016. It seems this year, people are talking a lot more about dollars and cents.

According to AAA, gasoline prices are bout fifty cents a gallon higher than they were last Labor Day weekend. Hurricane Harvey closed oil refineries in Texas.

That's why the coffee and donut tent is a popular price. Even with a donation, the food here is still less expensive than donut shops, mini marts, and restaurants.

"Getting low on funds, but that's to be expected. My daughter has been buying most of the gas," said Martha Gorton of Vernon Center, New York.

Gorton is from the Syracuse area and is on the road this Labor Day. She's helping move a daughter back home from Georgia.

Sue Longfellow and her husband are on the road from Florida to New Hampshire. Expensive gasoline can't be avoided.

"We're going to see family. My husband is celebrating his 50th class reunion in New Hampshire," said Sue Longfellow of Edgewater, Florida.

How much will gasoline cost on Longfellow's return trip? Right now, no one knows. It depends on how quickly Houston area refineries can get up and running again.


  • magicmikexxsm

    Hahahahahaha wait till you see the price of building materials i.e. plywood , drywall, roofing material, insulation

  • WarningFakeNews

    “By the way, you won’t find any collies there. The coffee and donut tent is in an area off limits to pets.”
    Therapy and service animals undoubtedly welcomed- maybe even collies.

  • So ridiculous!

    All it boils down to making money. They use these storms as an excuse to jack up the price of gas. All the gas they have they had way before the storm. It’s all about money nothing else. The love of money is the root of all evil!

    • Bob Calvey

      So ridiculous you are so right if refinery is closed how are they producing any gas why is there no investigation into this price gouging big business big government

  • Sam I Am

    As s baby boomer, I don’t ever recall fuel prices going up do to a storm, this is just new way of shafting all of us.

  • Lance

    Some of the refineries are slowly coming back into operation. But that wont stop wall street and the oil companies from rasing the price as high as they can and slowly lower it.

  • wesa

    FAKE NEWS. The real story here is: why do Americans let themselves still be controlled by petroleum companies (who pay no federal taxes) instead of demanding intensive research and development of renewable technologies that don’t require centralization of production and distribution (i.e. you can produce at home or in neighborhood facilities)

    • Lance

      I wish news people will go after the speculators and the oil companies and demand why is the price rising so fast especially since the gas delivered was produced well before the storm

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