Sun Shines on Final Day of La Festa

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SCRANTON -- The unofficial end to summer is also the end of the annual La Festa Italiana in downtown Scranton. Vendors hoped that the sunshine would help make the last day their best day.

Volunteers for UNICO cook up close to 5,000 pounds of porketta each year for La Festa.

"We're a little bit behind schedule, but we're hoping to recoup today because it's a sunny day, and we hope the crowds come out and buy porketta," said Jack Trapani with UNICO.

This weekend's rain dampened UNICO'S efforts, but sun and temperatures in the 80s brought them hope on Monday.

Other vendors said the regulars still came by but didn't linger in Saturday and Sunday's rain. Monday's sun was just what they needed.

"Actually, they came out. You wouldn't believe it, but they did. We have our diehards. They're here every year, umbrellas or no umbrellas. But I love today. Today now you'll get all the little kids out and their families, and that's what makes it fun," said Tricia Cherundolo with Thick & Thin Pizza.

Joseph Marsico of Carbondale picked the right day to take his nephew to La Festa.

"Because of the weather last night, it was raining, so I stayed home and came out today and took my nephew here to enjoy himself," Marsico said.

"Just looking around for today, probably going to have lots of sweets today," said Joshua Casey of Mayfield.

Cannolli was on Casey's mind while Josh Lentowski of Gouldsboro preferred something more savory.

"I like pizza and porketta and all that stuff. I love Italian food!" Lentowski said.

Bellies full and soaking up the sunshine was the best way to say goodbye to summer.


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