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Summer Weather for Unofficial End to Summer

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LAKE SHERIDAN -- In Wyoming County, folks enjoyed the unofficial end to summer out on the water, after a cool and rainy weekend. Many say the first sign of fall is that Labor Day weekend is here, and the second sign of fall is that the leaves are starting to change color.

"I'm sitting up on the porch, my favorite spot, watching the lake. It's beautiful. It's a beautiful day, but the leaves are turning and they're falling. That's not good," Barbara Smith laughed.

It's not time to go back to school or work just yet. This Labor Day, the sun was shining, and it felt more like summer with warm temperatures.

"Well deserved, it was a little depressing yesterday and a cold couple of days. It's a really nice change," Niccole McDade said.

Many people on Lake Sheridan spent the day out on their boats for the last time of the summer, before they get them off the water for the off-season.

"This is the last hoorah for the season up here at the lake. I'm going to enjoy every minute of it," McDade said.

McDade says the end of the holiday means packing up the house, putting the boat in storage, and heading back down to Scranton. Barbara Smith lives on Lake Sheridan during the summer, but lives in Quakertown the rest of the year.

"Sometimes during the winter, I come up and just look at the lake when it's frozen. It's pretty," Smith said.

She says she is always sad to see the neighbors' boats come off the water, and that it's going to be even harder this year because she feels like the weather never really got nice enough.

"Chilly and rainy, but it's still nice to come up here. We have the nice porch and the flowers, sit there and watch the rain," Smith said.