CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Train Collides with Car

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JIM THORPE -- The Reading and Northern Steam Locomotive was approaching the Jim Thorpe Train Station just around 11 o'clock Monday morning when it collided with a vehicle.

The conductor blew the warning whistle but the car proceeded through the railroad crossing right in the train's path.

Fortunately, neither driver was hurt, just a bit shaken up, after the collision here in Carbon County.

This video is courtesy Jason Schaedler.


  • Ernest Yeagley

    As a retired career railroad man, a few things need to be set straight. First of all as incorrectly mentioned by the reporter in the news clip, the conductor does not blow the whistle. The locomotive engineer blows the whistle. Secondly the engineer does not “drive” the train when the reporter said “…neither driver was injured in the crash”. The engineer runs the locomotive. Third this was not a train “crash”, as it was referred to. The train did not crash. It was a railroad grade crossing accident. The crossing and the railroad are in compliant regarding crossing protection too by the way according to Federal Railroad Administration Requirements.

    • In a galaxy far far away

      Oh boy, this really changes the context of the story. Train hits car or car hits train….. results are the same! I am really glad to know who blew the wistle…changes the whole story.

  • Fredric

    No gates, “drop sticks” as the train only runs excursions about five times a year.
    Driver had cut himself off from reality…
    windows up with climate control on…
    Sirius radio on loud on oldies music …
    Completely inattentive so couldn’t comprehend RAILROAD tracks….

    Lawyers will be filing suit against the railroad.

    There is a similar crossing in Hawley.

      • RicU.

        I thank you for your catch and underscore. Rather than a defunct Railroad running on tracks it probably doesn’t own, some cut throat lawyer now has the treasury of every taxpayer in Carbon County to pay for his frivolous venture. I am guessing on a sealed “deal” and the county, has the tax payers, has to pay for crossing guards when the train is running.

        Similar have been at the crossing in Bedford Hills, NY where there are “drop sticks” and vehicles still wreck with trains.

    • Len

      Train runs excursions way more than 5 times a year…try 3 times a day on weekends and three times every day during June July and August and then back to only three times a day on weekends plus then some over the fall foliage time. I guess all those people standing in the train station were waiting for helicopter rides!?

      • RicU.

        You might know about helicopter rides. I thank you for underscoring Jeff’s comments. The car in the video will get paid big bucks rather than fight it out in court at $500-$1,000 an hour.

    • Flabba

      If you cannot hear that loud whistle, then you are just clearly deaf, and clearly you shouldn’t be driving a motor vehicle, you saying that there will be a lawsuit against the railroad is absolutely short minded, this is indeed the drivers fault, so don’t try to shift the blame to the railroad.

      • RicU.

        You under score the point. The windows were up, The climate control was blasting out A/C. Sirius Radio was cracking out oldies or hard rock. Therefore, no connection with reality was ever achieved by the driver.

      • RicU.

        Yup.. and people had jobs and no one could ravel more than 25 miles a day as that is all the horse could pull or travel and an evil triumvirate of Carnegie, J.P.Morgan and Rockefeller bought and sold Presidents.

  • joe

    And this stupid a** will turn around & find a shyster lawyer & sue everyone in sight.
    If there ever was a stupid person, it’s the 1 driving that car.

    • Fredric

      And the lawyers will settle to avoid the costs of the frivolous suit.
      Numb skull driver will get a even larger gas guzzler and a lime time of fuel.

  • Tom

    You have to be that stupid or just plain arrogant (like most drivers on PA roads) to not see or hear a freakin steam train when you especially dam well know you are crossing active rail lines in a popular town where you have train excursions running four times a day. Point blank people on the road today are truly arrogant, self entitled and not patient and for the most part truly get what they deserve!

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