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All Home Days a Labor Day Tradition in Northumberland County

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RALPHO TOWNSHIP -- On a day when many people had off from work, those who live in one part of Northumberland County came together to honor our veterans.

With food, games, entertainment, and more, All Home Days near Elysburg has a lot to offer. It's a three-day event at the Ralpho Township Community Park.

Ralph and Diane Harner of Danville come every year.

"We like to look at the crafts. We like the people. We like the food, and the entertainment is also good. We really enjoy it here," Diane Harner said.

The event, which is in its 98th year, is always held Labor Day weekend.

"It's somewhere between a carnival, a block party, and a fair. We don't have rides or anything like that. It's just people walking and talking," said All Home Days Chairman Wayne Horne.

All Home Days started in 1919 as a way to welcome back the veterans after World War I.

A big part of All Home Days is honoring the veterans. A display was set up to honor the veterans who are no longer with us.

Jerry Schlegel of Ashland served in the Army in the Vietnam War. He comes to All Home Days every year.

"I come for the food basically. I always get something to take home. The Boy Scout bean soup is fantastic," said Schlegel.

As for those who are not veterans, they enjoy honoring vets here.

"You couldn't ask for a better bunch of people. Anybody who serves is great," said Harner.

There was a ceremony for veterans at the end of All Home Days.