Neighbors React to Missing Temple Student; Suspect Charged with Murder

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PAUPACK TOWNSHIP -- People living in a private community in Wayne County were stunned to learn the body of a missing 22-year-old woman was found on a neighbor's property.

Police discovered Jenna Burleigh's body at a property in the private community Paupackan Lake near Hawley on Saturday.

Neighbors tell Newswatch 16 that investigators kept them from returning to their homes for hours while police blocked off the main street in the development. Then they were shocked to learn the body of that missing college student was behind the police tape.

Most neighbors had no idea police were looking for clues at the house on East Shore Drive.

Neighbor Bill Brennan recently moved to Paupackan Lake and was showing his family around the development when police stopped him.

"We were driving down in a golf cart to see the beach house to show relatives and police blocked off the road," he said.

Police say Burleigh was last seen leaving a bar near the Temple University campus in Philadelphia Thursday.

The woman's family became worried when she did not return their calls and texts.

Police say Joshua Hupperterz abducted, then killed Burleigh in Philadelphia. Police say he then drove to his grandmother's house at Paupackan Lake.

The coroner says Burleigh was strangled and beaten.

Investigators say they looked to our area for Hupperterz because he knew the area and he had a criminal record in Wayne and Lackawanna Counties.

"It started unfolding relatively quickly once they began getting investigative information. In some of it they are trying to maintain the integrity of the investigation," said Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.

Police brought Hupperterz from Wayne County to Philadelphia after they say he confessed to "elements of the crime."

Brennan still can't believe this tragic situation happened in his out-of-the way neighborhood.

"In the morning you don't hear anything except the animals. Sometimes you hear the deer rustling. It's shocking that something like this could happen," Brennan said.

Hupperterz is now behind bars charged with murder and abuse of corpse.

Philadelphia police say the investigation is still ongoing.


  • Very sad!

    Actually, she’s very intelligent. She doesn’t just spew trash talk out of her mouth like most people do. And to say her condolences are empty is just a bunch of crap. You don’t know her from the next person on here.

    • El Ma

      VERY SAD, I appreciate your support, and it’s vital to remember that this article is about a victim of murder. It can also be a forum to convey sympathy and compassion to the Burleigh family, friends, and loved ones.

      Because it’s a public forum with algorithmic moderation, people can act-out behind a computer screen, using a tablet, or some other electronic device in a way that they would never have the cheek to do, in Real Life. The poster’s a troll. He/she/it is pitiable because they are messed up. I couldn’t care less whether my lengthy posts annoy him/her/it.

  • El Ma

    Things were fine? You mean………there were no murders, pedophiles, corruption, or riots? Yes, I DO see the correlation, AUGIE – when I began posting comments, ANTIFA, BLM, and White Supremacists were placed on the Soros payroll, right? Exactly. Jerry Sandusky got arrested, indicted, tried, and sentenced. Yes, yes………’re so right, AUGIE.

    Seems like it would be a really, REALLY good idea to address those control and anger issues, AUGIE. There is medication for it, and counseling therapy and, I must say, they can work wonders. Sometimes, intensive counseling therapy can help address those pesky childhood traumas that contribute to an absence of compassion, so it may be something for you to seriously contemplate. However, it could also be genetic and wholly incurable.

    As for SingTFU, two words in response: make me. Per going somewhere else? Oh, I do. In Real Life, too! I know that skulking here in Sullivan County is what you do best, but I actually get out and do things that are positive within my own community. You’ve seen me, and I know (wink) I’ve seen YOU. Unlike you, I type exactly how I speak, in Real Life. You……..yeah, I know you, AUGIE.

    What resonates with you, AUGIE? Snarky, mean-spirited, contrary, and malicious comments? Trolling? Um………how about what you do in Sullivan County, AUGIE? Let’s delve into that nasty hornet’s nest, why not? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) But, that discussion is for another place and time. Perhaps, the next time I recognize you at the Laporte Post Office, eh? We can have a lively discussion down the way over some coffee and tasty Dominican food. (wink)

    This is the core of it all: this poor beautiful young woman was murdered, and it seems that she did walk away with her killer. But, this article is about HER and what was done to her, not you, your schemes, your malice, or your anger issues. Quite simply, shame on you.

  • Sasquatch

    Here we have a classic example of a over privileged punk kid who mommy and daddy bailed out of every situation and never learned there are consequences to your actions now if some spineless judge will take him out of society permanently…….

    • Almostpersuaded

      Ok what does that have to do with the price of shit in trumpland…lol. The dude is not from Mexico and face it the wall is just another lie and failure that stole your vote.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Ya, but we all knew the wall was bs and didn’t care. It didn’t bother us that it was bs either. Most Trump voters are mature enough to understand a joke.

    • El Ma

      Omigawd. This young woman was abducted and murdered, and someone, SOMEWHERE, will turn the sick and demented actions of a lunatic into some political platform.

      • Bonbon

        She wasn’t abducted she left the bar and went with him to his home. They have it on video. Don’t go home with a stranger you just met in a bar. That’s the lesson here.

      • El Ma

        BONBON, you are absolutely right – the video does show her walking away with this guy. However, I can imagine that she decided that she didn’t want to go wherever it was that he had in mind, and he just forced her against her will. Just so sad.

  • El Ma

    She was abducted. She didn’t “leave” with that POS. RIP, beautiful girl and comfort and solace to family, friends, and loved ones.

    For this “suspect?” No words are sufficient.

      • El Ma

        THE UNNAMED COWARD, I will bet a month’s salary that you used your sm@rt phone to post your lovely message while you were driving on your way to offer your kind help to the Burleigh Family. What happened in your lifetime that you became so cynical and so malicious? To offer condolences and sympathies, even to people I’ve never met and will likely never meet, is not “empty.” You don’t know me, you don’t know my beliefs, and you are one of the saddest, angriest, and lost people posting on this forum.

        You see, I have experienced sudden and grievous family loss. I’ve also lost friends to both murder and to suicide. I have lived a long life and have developed compassion, whereas you have not and, seemingly, will not because of whatever loss that you experienced without the care or concern of others. I pity you in your empty, cold world where human warmth and compassion are absent.

    • Hello to all

      No donr put him to sleep thats to easy let the inmates have him and put him through the same pain and agony that poor girl went through. The tax payers will not pay for long once he is released into gen pop

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