Tractor Trailers Full of Supplies Heading to Texas from Wyoming County

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP -- More help will soon be on the way from our area to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Penn's Best Trucking near Tunkhannock donated three tractor trailers for people to fill with needed supplies. They will soon be leaving Wyoming County to head south.

People loaded two of the trucks with personal hygiene supplies at Perkins just outside Tunkhannock. A third trailer at the Wyoming County Fairgrounds was filled with hay and animal food to help out pets and farm animals.

"We're looking mainly for water and toiletries and female products, basically that more than clothing or appliances or anything. We're basically looking for needs so that people could clean and get themselves together," said Charlie Stockage of Sweet Valley.

The three semis will leave Wyoming County as soon as they are full.


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