Trashcan Takeover to Beautify Downtown Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Folks are beautifying downtown Scranton on this first Friday in September.

Owners of several floral businesses left their artistic touch in an unexpected place -- they participated in a "trashcan takeover."

Using donated flowers, the florists made beautiful floral arrangements out of trash cans in downtown Scranton to celebrate First Friday.

"It's a trashcan takeover!" said Josh Mast of Posh Scranton. "So, it's perfect weather today to be outside and the flowers should all last, and there's five different designers around town taking over trash cans."

These trash containers turned works of art can be seen at six locations downtown:

  • POSH Life Floral and Events – 404 North Washington Avenue in front of POSH @ The Scranton Club
  • Petals for Goodness Sake – 340 North Washington Avenue in front of City Hall
  • VIE – 539 Linden Street in front of Shelley’s Dug Store
  • Central Park – 600 Linden in front of Lavish Body+Home, The Salon at LAVISH
  • B’s Floral – 149 Penn Avenue in front of the Scranton Times Building
  • MCR Productions - 140 Penn Avenue - in front of Downtown Deli and King of Fades



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