Theft from Vehicles Caught on Camera in East Stroudsburg

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Security camera image

EAST STROUDSBURG -- A man was caught on camera breaking into cars parked near East Stroudsburg University in Monroe County.

It happened around 12:15 p.m. Thursday along Normal Street, just across from ESU'S SciTech building.

The thief made off with a book bag from one of the vehicles.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the East Stroudsburg University Police Department at 570-422-3064.


  • is it racist?

    So if this gentleman beat you up and took your phone, wallet, and car keys – how would you describe him to the police? Would you mention his race? Is it racist then?

  • reap what you sow...

    I’m so happy for you racists! It’s been almost a week with finally a (relatively mild) crime — a stolen backpack by a black man after a few dozen murders, bank robberies and child abuse cases in the meantime by white people. You must feel so good to be able to spew your hate and bs. Wake up — there is human trash everywhere (and a few good people everywhere too).

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