Sticker Shock for Drivers as Gas Prices Surge

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DUNMORE -- The impact of Hurricane Harvey is being felt by people across the nation as the national average for a gallon of gas jumped to its highest price this year.

Like most holiday weekends, gas prices have spiked in Lackawanna County.

"The holidays, it does, but not this much. It went up almost 20 cents," said Patti Stone of Lake Ariel.

But drivers heading out for their morning commute were shocked to find prices this high.

"Is that what it is now? I didn't even realize that. it was $2.69 last night and I thought that was high," said one driver.

"Every time there's a holiday, they raise the gas price because they know more people are going to be using it, so they make extra money," said Andrew Gyuriska.

The national average of $2.45 per gallon is a 10 cent increase since last week and the highest recorded national average so far this year. The average is up 8 cents since last week in Pennsylvania.

While it has somewhat to do with the upcoming holiday weekend, AAA says the price hike can also be credited to Hurricane Harvey. The storm has 10 gulf coast refineries shut down, and pipelines working at reduced rates.

"It is what it is. I do what I got to do to pay for the gas I use to drive my car," said another driver.

"If we were going to pay more per gallon, I would hope what we had to pay extra would go to the people who need it."

AAA says drivers can expect that national average to top off at $2.50 within the next few weeks, which will be the highest average price since 2015.

While we found some hidden gems like $2.55 per gallon price at the Fast Lane gas station in Dunmore, most were close to $2.70.

AAA wants to stress that there isn't a shortage of gas supply and adds a decrease in prices can be expected by mid to late September.


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