Man Accused of Violently Attacking Woman in Schuylkill County

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EAST UNION TOWNSHIP — State police have arrested a man accused of assaulting a woman in Schuylkill County.

State police say Anthony Romano, 23, of Shenandoah, punched a woman in the face several times, hit her in the head with a metal object, and stole her cell phone and two tablets.

According to troopers, Romano was also with another woman, who held the victim down while the assault took place. Her name has not been released.

After the attack, investigators said Romano and his accomplice took off, and the victim wandered around for hours until she found a house in the area and got help.

Romano faces charges including aggravated assault, robbery, theft, reckless endangerment, and unlawful restraint. He is locked up in Schuylkill County on $50,000 bail.


  • John Zangaro

    I would like to invite you to the Republican Liberty Caucus meeting. We will have many candidates and would like to offer for you to cover this event.
    If you are interested gone me a call at 570 445-0763 it will be the 29th of September.

    • Hanes

      You lost your luster of being funny seeing as that was how long ago and you comment on everything about Frackville, which has nothing to do with Frackville. If the story was in Frackville, then maybe, but it’s not.
      Don’t beat a dead horse.

  • Winston

    The Skook is a real criminals paradise from what I understand after talking to my friends in that area. The police are instructed to look for revenue from their supervisors and the only place they can find it is from the people with jobs. If that happens more often than not? The revenue victims leave

      • Winston

        It really is a shame for the amount of historical significance that area has had in shaping our country and the rest of the world. Greedy people ruin peaceful lifestyles built on hard work and ethics. Then you get jokes about long grey socks and street roamers instead of the solutions that could save your own communities from becoming blighted. We need to be able to hold those that are responsible accountable. Banks and politicians are the bane of community. Schuylkill County is the Detroit of Pennsylvania without question. How would you fix it before it knocks on your chamber door? I wonder.

      • Winston

        Maybe more unpaid vocal auditors from the responsible actors in communities that have been victimized before your town turns into Shendo? The mindset of “I’ll take care of it once it is too late” seems to be spreading amongst you yucksters. Just saying, I have no idea why very few can see what is happening to our culture as Americans. Use the actions of people that we were never associated with to put 98.2% of the population back 30 years? For what?

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