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Redneck Festival Kicks Off in Carbon County

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WEISSPORT -- The Weissport Redneck Festival will be held this weekend.

It's an annual event with a quirky theme. The Weissport Redneck Festival is back and organizers said it's better than ever.

"Everybody likes to let their hair down and just have good clean fun and that's what it amounts to, good clean fun," Richard Gross of Weissport said.

The idea for the festival was born ten years ago when Weissport borough leaders were trying to plan a community event with lots of games.

"So we took the concept of participation events and just created the craziest and games you can imagine and when we were talking about these things, somebody called somebody a redneck and everybody laughed," festival organizer Duane Dellecker said.

For the festival`s tenth year, there are new events planned, like a slushie eating contest and a beard contest. There will also be other activities, like a cow-milking contest, a "Daisy Dukes" competition, and toilet racing.

All of the proceeds from the Redneck Festival go to the Weissport Recreation Committee, which helps pay for improvements at the borough's parks like new electrical systems and play ground equipment.

"We've put $50,000 into recreation in this community just from this silly, fun festival," Dellecker said.

While some may not take part in the redneck lifestyle, organizers and festival-goers encourage everyone to give it a try all in the name of good fun.

"I hope everyone comes out and has a good time and lets their hair down and let all differences out on the street," Dellecker said.

The festival runs all weekend long.


  • magicmikexxsm

    You know how the term red neck came about?????? from farmers backing the day working the fields bending over their plows the back of their neck where exposed to the sun therefor burning them giving them a red neck, hence the term red neck.

      • Jeff Woehrle

        How about people too dumb to realize that up into the 1980s, tans were considered a good thing. Only recently has the true harm of UV radiation from the sun been realized. Back in the day, “suntan lotion” was used to get an even tan. Today, “sunscreen” is used to prevent a tan.

        Wise up.

      • read a book.

        Not surprisingly, your inglorious ramblings are again wrong. The actual origin of the word was a derogatory description of 17th century Scots by wealthy Southern landowners. Moreover, it is incredibly naive to presume that it is only recently the negative effects of the sun are known. Horrible, painful sunburns are as old as humankind itself and in fact there is a long and sickening human history of using the sun in various punishments and tortures.

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