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New State Law Has School District Scrambling For Shots

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP -- Officials in one school district in Luzerne county are scrambling, trying to deal with a new state law.

Hundreds of students who haven't been vaccinated don't know what the future holds for them.

It's back to school for students in the Hazelton Area School District but just five days into the new school year, some students may be forced to take a break.

The acting superintendent says nearly 300 high school seniors don't have the required booster shot to vaccinate them against meningococcal bacteria, which causes meningitis, a rare but deadly disease.

“I think that they should have it obviously because then you put other kids in jeopardy,” said Leah Bane-Wiesowitz.

“They made an announcement and a bunch of people got called down to the cafeteria for people who didn't have it,” said senior Ryan Steiner.

The Pennsylvania Health Department changed the law for some vaccinations for school districts this year, requiring those entering the 12th grade to get a second shot of MCV, the vaccine to help prevent meningitis.

“When I was told about it over the announcement, I was like why do we need to get a second vaccine because we already had a shot,” said senior Luciano Stranko.

These students say they were told any students without that vaccination may not be allowed to return to school after the Labor Day holiday on Monday.

“You're only allowed six unexcused absences a year and so if you don`t have the vaccine you're not allowed in school and they are not excused so you have to get it in as soon as possible,” said Steiner.

“I got it today, so I got to be to school on Tuesday,” said Stranko.

“My appointment is in like three weeks so I'm trying to figure out what's going to go on for now so if they don't let me back I guess I can miss a few days of school,” said senior Franklin Cunningham.

The acting superintendent now says district and high school administrators along with the nursing staff plan to meet with those affected seniors on Tuesday to discuss a plan of action in getting everyone vaccinated as soon as possible.

“I'm very glad because it's like a cooperation between the staff and the students at our school,” said Aidan Malloy.

The district hopes to have a plan in place by Tuesday that will be passed along to students and parents.


  • WarningFakeNews

    Home school instead of subjecting your kids to government schools. Then you can be free to teach your kids about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and how precious freedom and liberty truly are. If you skip the recycling classes, the trans-gender agenda, and learning about how we should tolerate the teachings of Islam but never talk about Christianity, you’ll have plenty of time to spend un-indoctrinating your kids.

  • magicmikexxsm

    I got this shot in 1979, and I’m still alive to day…..why did I get this shot?????? because in 79 while I was in boot camp in orland Fl. with 80 guys in the training unit, 1 of them got sick, first started with a cold, then he thought he had the flu as he got worse, once they took him to the base hospital it was to late he died the next day or so, from what??? Spinal
    meningitis…none of us where vaccinated back then for this, so they marched us all down behind the Infirmary with one of those auto loader shot guns, and gave us the shots….it’s no big deal people….

  • Robert

    Plenty of uniformed opinion spreading around here. Wish they had a vaccination against that in aerosol form.
    Advice to parents, ask your pediatrician. I do have a question however. If (as I believe) vaccinations work as advertised there are many more humans adding to the gene pool that otherwise would not have. Does that make us GMO’s?
    GMO=Genetically Modified Organism

  • 1958

    After the government’s contrails experiment was exposed, they have now resorted back to Cold War era human experimental projects through vaccination. To these folks who get vaccinated I say to you, “Enjoy!”

  • JD

    Has anyone looked into how meningitis is spread? Has anyone asked what’s the chance of getting the disease? Do you know what chemicals are in the vaccine? What are your chances of being hit by lightening, and what are the chances of getting meningitis? Sorry CDC. Ram your vaccines! Before you thumbs down me, read the ingredients of vaccines. And know the side effects.

    • Bob Smith

      At 5 I had meningitis, I nearly died! No vaccine available until 1981. Almost every February college students do catch it too! As, I mentioned earlier…. My first 3 days in college, I got
      Coxsackie B virus! You know unvaccinated persons walking around and spreading sickness including foreigners!

      • JD

        And at 6 years old I received a vaccine that resulted in my getting guillain- Barre and was paralyzed from my waist down . I was lucky! The girl in the hospital room across from me was paralyzed from her neck down! Yeah, it was temporary paralysis, but it was hell! And yeah, that vaccine was forced on me! So, I hope parents are better informed than mine were! No surprise I now have health issues that we’re a result of it.

      • Bob Smith

        That’s scary! 2 1/2 months after my folks settled in West Texas in a small town of 5,000 in a brand new house. No one can figure out how and why, I picked up meningitis. Maybe other kids. My late mother was unstable mentally she was 2 months pregnant. She gets angry at me for what happened while, I was growing up. Coxsackie B Virus- high percent in China. In my college had lot of students from China including Chinese professors there too. I can’t blame who I was very healthy insides until my pancreas messed up by Virus.

  • Rip 'em up one eye willy!

    Not to change the subject, (well kinda) but I just want to state how much I hope that hurricane Irma slams the entire East coastline. I am a weather enthusiast and I just love this stuff! I’ve done nothing but watch the Weather Channel and CNN since Harvey rolled ashore! The wife begs me away from the TV and to sack for nooky and I exclaim, “Hold on honey, I need one more tropical weather update!” This stuff is fantastic!

  • A pain in the..Arm

    They could just say they object for religious reasons…fill out the form and done! Problem solved back in school. also, just making the appointment will allow them back in school until they get their shots. This law was a hack job and poorly implemented.

  • Drew you

    Overreach . Keep your poison . Had enough mandatory shots in the military ( lab rat for anthrax ) … Enjoy your unexplained illnesses sheep .

      • Mike

        Shame on you. If it weren’t for those of us who served, what language would we be writing in now? German? Japanese? Russian? Idiot.

      • Lance

        Obviously you don’t beleive in anything but yourself. People who serve in the military do it for many reason. Some of it for a job, some for the GI school programs, some because they want to serve their country. Im proud to a Marine. I wasnt brainwashed except for the rationality I was protecting “good” citizens like you

      • Rainbow warriors

        Unfortunately JD anyone who joins the military is down on their luck. Probably due to poverty or looking to establish U.S. The days of joining the service for the love of our country are no more. All servicemen (and transgenders) nowadays are basically freeloaders.

  • Bob Smith

    During my first 3 days in college, I got Cox sickie B Virus! Lot of students ( totaling over 13,000 at that time) including foreign didn’t have any vaccines. I spent a week in hospital after that, I got 6 vaccines! It was unpleasant experience! I don’t want your diseases. Get your shots!

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