Kingston Jeweler Designs Gold Medal for Champion Wrestlers

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KINGSTON -- A jeweler from Luzerne County made gold medals for athletes who competed in the Women's World Wrestling Championships in Paris.

Emile Zafrany of Simon and Company Jewelers on Market Street scored the opportunity with some help from a client.

Zafrany designed each of the 14 solid gold medals himself.

On one side there are two ancient Greek women wrestling each other and on the other is a picture of the Eiffel Tower.

The competition took place last week and Zafrany went to see the action for himself.

He said it was incredible to see the athletes do what they do best.

"They are world athletes. To get there these 8 athletes had to compete in the whole United States and get there. So they deserve the credit," said Zafrany.

Zafrany says there are already plans in the works for him to create the gold medals for the next Women's World Wrestling Championships.