Inmate Charged with Assault on Correctional Officer

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NEWPORT TOWNSHIP — A correctional officer suffered a concussion after he was attacked by an inmate at a facility in Luzerne County.

Troopers say SCI Retreat inmate Shelton Smith, 31, struck Officer Rodney Wright in the head several times last week.

Wright suffered a concussion.

Smith now faces assault charges.


  • Lance

    C’mon where are those who are going to be on the side of the poor convict. We heard alot from idiots who blamed a cop for his death chasing thugs. So what about a guard being attacked? No stupid comments saying it was his fault he should be trained better? This inmate should be put away for life. Maybe this will be a deterrent for any other low life.

    • Robert

      Ah yes, Mr. Shelton Smith, born 5/16/86 with an justice involved history starting as an adult in 2006, has quite the compilation of charges. Aggravated assault, Criminal Conspiracy x3, Robbery with serious injury, simple assault x2, Theft by unlawful taking, Receiving stolen property, Forgery x5, Harassment x2, possession of a controlled substance.
      Who or what generated this lashing out? I can’t wait to hear your answer.

      • Two sides

        You guys are a correctional institute correct? Then why after all this time haven’t you guys corrected him? At least change your function name if you’re not “correcting.” Like perhaps, “fatherless, ghetto thug housing.”

    • Robert

      That sounds like a question better directed to your elected officials, appointed persons and those generating department names and setting the rules. I just used the information available to the public via the internet. I personally find the way society deals with convicted persons the equivalent of covering a oozing puss wound with a band aid.

      • Elsabear

        Did you ever hear the saying you can lead a horse to water ….. inmates ARE offer lots and lots of programs and educational and vocational programs to “correct” themselves but you can’t make anyone change if they don’t want to.

      • Fatheads

        Inmates are not capable of correcting themselves. That’s why they are there to be begin with. Now when I say “correct them” I don’t mean beat them. I mean comfort and nurture them. That IS the job and lable of a correctional officer. Don’t like your job? Or don’t want to professionally fulfill the hereby duties? Well then you need to find another job.

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