Church Members Ready for Texas

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DELAWARE TOWNSHIP -- Efforts to help people in Texas are getting bigger by the day here in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

After announcing they were collecting supplies for hurricane Harvey victims in Texas, church members at Revival Tabernacle near Watsontown had already filled a 53-foot trailer.

"People are coming from all over and just giving. They're giving so much and we just appreciate it so much," Pastor Jilline Bond said.

Pastor Jilline Bond tells Newswatch 16 they had to get a second truck because there were so many donations. More and more people dropped off items.

"Towels, blankets, sheets, anything we can help," Jan Dean said.

"I asked my friends about it, I called them on the phone and asked them to donate. And they did right away," Annette Freeman said.

On the same day Newswatch 16 featured Revival Tabernacle, we also did a story about Grease Monkey Garage in Swoyersville, which is also collecting donations. When the owners of the business in Luzerne County saw Revival Tabernacle's efforts, they drove the supplies they had collected to the church.

"They came clear over with a truckload of things to give," Bond said.

One company donated the semi trailers to the church and another company offered up drivers.

These aren't the only trucks going to Texas. Pastor Bond says one, maybe even two more will make their way down next week.

"There is a group of businesses and people and churches in the Northumberland area and it's already 2/3 of the way full," Bond said.

All of the donations will go to Grace Church in Humble, Texas, which is serving as a shelter to hundreds of people in the Houston area.

"I think the beauty of it is, Nikki, we know where it's going and people will get to see," Bond said.

The pastors and a few members of Revival Tabernacle near Watsontown plan to leave tonight for Texas. Once they get there they will unload the trucks and help out any way they can.

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