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Catholic Dioceses to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

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Three Catholic dioceses in our area are conducting collections to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

A special collection will be held in all parishes of the Diocese of Harrisburg this weekend, September 2 and 3, for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

In the Diocese of Allentown and the Diocese of Scranton, a special collection will be taken on September 9 and 10.



  • Mary M.

    What a disgusting comment about the Catholic Church. They are sending help to people who have lost everything. I hope you are generously giving to the charity of your choice to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

    • Not as disgusting as the stories I read.

      WNEP August 30, 2017

      “SCRANTON — An investigation into sexual misconduct by a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Scranton is closed after state police say the alleged victim refused to testify.

      The person came forward in April of 2016 accusing Fr. Martin Boylan of abuse when the alleged victim was just a child.

      Fr. Boylan was serving as pastor of St. Patrick’s parish in Scranton when those accusations were made.

      No charges were filed against Fr. Boylan.

      The allegations were being investigated by state police and the Wayne County district attorney’s office.

      The Diocese of Scranton issued the following statement:

      “The Diocese of Scranton learned today that the investigation by the Pennsylvania State Police into Father Martin Boylan has been closed because of a refusal on the part of the alleged victim to testify. While civil authorities have made this determination, the ecclesiastical process in Father Boylan’s case continues. Father Boylan’s status as a priest removed from ministry with his faculties to exercise priestly ministry suspended continues to remain unchanged.”

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