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Two Northwest Area Employees Charged With Hurting Students

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HUNTINGTON TOWNSHIP---State police have just charged 56-year old Scotty Kline of Benton and 68-year old Susan Bobersky of Shickshinny with crimes related to hurting two young boys.

According to an online profile, Kline has been an elementary school teacher at Northwest Area for more than a decade.

Troopers say in May, Kline grabbed a 9-year old boy by the arm in school and pushed him roughly up against a wall, hurting the child.

State police say the injury was photographed by the school nurse.

Kline has been cited with harassment.

"I'm very surprised. He was kind of a strict teacher. He liked some things this way and some things that way and he was also a nice teacher if you were nice to him and didn't get into trouble,” said Christopher Madl, a seventh grader in Northwest Area.

Susan Bobersky faces charges of assault, endangerment and harassment.

Troopers say she's a transportation aide at Northwest Area and in April, she grabbed an 8-year old boy by the face, pulling his hair and shaking his head while screaming " Quiet!" and "Behave!" while the child cried.

The student has autism and was in a safety seat at the time.

The boy had bruises on his face and an orthopedic specialist says the child's neck was injured.

Troopers say another student recorded the whole thing on an I-pad.

"It's on tape. Someone has it on film. Well, that's good. I think there should be some sort of punishment. I'd dismiss them myself if they did it to my kid,” said Ronnie Vogelbacher of Shickshinny.

"It's pretty upsetting that like they do that to kids. Especially because my little brother is in grade school and I'd be pretty upset if that was him,” said Julia Nafus, a Northwest Area High School senior.

State police say school officials contacted ChildLine to report the alleged abuse.

Newswatch 16 contacted Northwest Area school officials about whether Kline or Bobersky are still employees.

There was no information at the time of this post.


  • john williams

    Autistic students require skills most dont have in the public schools. There should be specialized facilities and personnel to meet their needs.

    • Smh

      This isn’t a published school, it’s a school where troubled kids are sent. Still not the kind of school for autistic children.

  • pot smoker

    Lets protect the brats till they can be good pedophiles, thugs and junkies . Don’t expect employed people to not have trouble with unintelligent offspring of these great parents ?

    • Really?

      That is the most ignorant statement. Have you ever been around an autistic child? I have and it’s not their fault or a choice. Try some sensitivity, it might do ya some good you wacko!

      • Mr. Perfect

        Every other day Liberal society labels some kind of misbehaving act as a “disability.” When I was a kid it was called, “knock it the hell off or you’re gonna get your azz beat!” My parents ALWAYS had a cure for it, it was called a boot or the belt. It was 100% effective and neither of us needed to obtain a prescription.

      • Really?

        There is no prescription for autism. My parents were the same way but autism is not something you really treat with meds. They go to some kind of therapy to help them. They don’t even know what causes autism and there are no meds or cures for it.

    • lester

      I wouldn’t say a choice… but it defiantly over used as an excuse. They lock the kids up in rooms and dont engage the minds these days, and at home its basically the same, but with a game system and/or phone.Its a great excuse for some parent to get freebies from the state and Doctors. Plus they can send the kids away so they have more free time. But there is actual issues out there. Way over used thou. Remember ADD and those things? They were everywhere a few years ago.

    • Really?

      Question, you mean to tell me you’d be ok with someone else putting their hands on your child especially one with special needs? I know personally I don’t allow anyone to put their hands on my children. I don’t care who it is. That includes family members. They are my children and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let someone else put their hands on them. I feel if there’s a problem they need to call the parents, period. No one has a right to put their hands on anyone especially a child.

    • Really?

      There’s a difference between discipline and abuse. Grabbing a child by the arm and slamming him against a wall is abuse. Grabbing an autistic child by the face and leaving bruises is abuse. You have to especially careful with autistic children cuz they don’t communicate like a normal child. They have sensory issues. Alot of them don’t even speak at all. I feel bad for these 2 boys. Those two need to be fired and prosecuted for child abuse. Period. It takes a real man/ woman to pick on small children. Shameful!!

  • Lauralie89

    I’m surprised anything was done about it. Most of the time this sort of thing is covered up by the principles and others involved. I’m guessing the only reason anything was done was because another student recorded the one incident on an iPad.

  • Ripped off

    All my male teachers in the ’70s and ’80s were draft dodgers from the ’60s. They really hated children because then they had to deal with the kids for the next 40 years cuz they wanted to skip one year of war.

  • RicU.

    How did Voltaire say it, “Absolute power corrupts Absolutely” So I guess we can add Teachers and “administrators” to the list with cops and prison guards. Now why are we supposed to respect these thugs?

    They are bullies. Stand up to them and remove the entire bunch from the school boards on down.

      • Fredric

        Mr. Bob,

        Point underscored by spineless school board members who are capriciously controlled by school administrators. The school board sets policy and enforces policy. The entire disgusting lot should be forced to resign in disgrace.

        As my friend Matt said, “Though you do it to the least of mine, you do it to me. “

      • Bob Smith

        Well, you know our hands are tied! I remembered a teacher who got fired for dragged a boy to principal office inappropriately…. He flipped her over and she was injured. She got fired for putting her hand on kid. ( the policy is leave it to assistant principal to handle that). Well, her contract stated if she wants appeal. She have to get a lawyer. She did got her chance but on probation and moved to a different department. If schools don’t enforce law. They can lose state and federal funds. If any teacher or administrator who did embarrassing or wrong thing. It’s best to resign than fired.

  • Bob Smith

    Disgusting! I was growing up, I have witnessed kids was abused by teachers. No one did a thing.
    I was a teacher for a brief time. The policy says, you can’t put your hands on kids. I know that some teachers have many problems hidden at home! Also, I’ve dated 2 principals from different places and later cut me off….. For what? Insecure?

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