Going Gold in Montour County to Support Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

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DANVILLE -- Painting the town gold in part of Montour County with the non-profit organization Think Big.

Think Big held a special kick-off event Thursday night at Old Forge Brewing Company in Danville.

The event marked the start of September, which is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.

Think Big has been tying gold ribbons on the parking meters across the borough.

Finley Snook, who suffers from pediatric leukemia, got to tie the final gold ribbon.

"It's amazing to see all these communities come around, our community comes around her with her diagnosis, and just try to... It's about awareness and the more people we can make aware the better so we're trying to be a part of the whole community outreach that this is," said Colby Snook, Finley's father.

Woody Wolfe and his band played at the kick-off event.

"I've always said it's definitely more of a gift they give me because I think in this life we live in a world where people think there are so many things that are important that when you spend time with these kids your perspective changes. What's important is the fact that we have our family, breath, life, and health. You know we take it so for granted and these families don't. They know each day is a gift and I'm incredibly privileged to be a part of that, provide a soundtrack through my music," said Wolfe.

Since its inception three years ago, Think Big has helped more than 55 families with more than $100,000 in medical expenses.

Think Big has similar events scheduled for next Wednesday, September 7th, in Bloomsburg and Lewisburg.