Diapers Being Sent to Families Devastated by Hurricane Harvey

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WILKES-BARRE--- Diapers are being collected at Schiel’s Family Markets in Wilkes-Barre to donate to Hurricane Harvey victims. Organizers said they’re doing it so that families devastated by the storm have one less thing to worry about.

“I just think that these poor mothers down there, they hardly have a roof over their head and they're carrying their babies through the water. It's the least we could do,” Jeanne Elinsky of Wilkes-Barre said.

Elinsky said she still remembers what it was like to go through the Agnes Flood of 1972 with her family.

“It was really a tough time and people were so kind to us so we feel that it's necessary to give back,” Elinsky said.

The diaper donation drive began this week. It is being spearheaded by Wilkes-Barre City Councilwoman Beth Gilbert. She has pledged to pick up diaper donations for those who are not able to go to Schiel’s stores from now until September 11th.

Cashiers at Schiel’s Markets said they have been humbled by the success so far.

“I've had a customer this morning that bought three bags so I was really impressed by that. It's really getting out there and people are wanting to help out,” cashier Barbara Coleman said.

People with the grocery store said it is the least the store and shoppers can do, considering there is no shortage of supplies or support here.

“It's a basic necessity, raising small children and during a flood, you're going to run out of diapers unless you're well stocked, which hardly anybody is,” Coleman said.

If you’d like to donate, stop by any Schiel’s Family Market Store in Wilkes-Barre during store hours.

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