DEP Approves Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline Permits

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HARRISBURG -- The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has approved water permits for the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline project.

The proposed pipeline will run through 10 counties in Pennsylvania and transport natural gas from the Marcellus Shale region to mid-Atlantic and southern states.

The DEP says it factored in comments from residents when deciding whether to grant the permits.

Environmental officials say the permits also came with strict special conditions designed to ensure the strongest possible protection for streams, wetlands, and private drinking water wells.


  • JobsJobsJobs

    A pipeline through our area and the rebirth of coal means our area will be looked at with envy by the rest of the world. We’ll have it all. Oil, Natural Gas, Coal and all the by products that go with these valuable minerals. While these other countries foolishly invest in solar and wind power we will be raking in the dough. We all know that wind power is bad for the environment, it kills millions of birds a year. And solar power, what are you going to do when the sun goes down. That’s when I want to sit back in my recliner and watch the True News on Fox News.

  • Anna

    Our area is doomed. And they wonder why people keep moving away from Northeastern PA. We used to have the beauty others wished they could have but now we are becoming just like the cities they all moved here from. Take a ride on the Casey to look at the beautiful Power Plant, Pipe Lines, torn down trees to support all the towers….I can go on and on. What a shame for an extra dollar in the pocket.

  • reap what you sow...

    This is sad. This country is falling farther behind the world everyday in the production of renewable, clean energy that creates real jobs with living wages and opportunities for growth. It is a travesty that we have no leadership here. And so we go down the path to everyday being more and more a third world country with polluted air and water and our children dying in coal mines without access to health insurance while a handful of corporations who do not pay taxes laugh all the way to their offshore banks in the Bahamas.

  • Billy Corncob

    Woohoo! It’s about time US produced energy hits the market. The icing on the cake is the frowns on those whiney Lancaster keisters. You’ve allowed one of the world’s most productive farming areas to be paved over but now you’re all suddenly environmentalists?

  • Lloyd

    Horizontally drilled hydraulically Fracked unconventional wells need Ban NOW! What happens when PA joins with Vermont, New York, and Maryland with a BAN on Fracking? Fossil fuels are on the way out, so why make a bad investment into such a polluting industry?! We know Fracking poisons drinking water, and we know that CH4 is worse than CO2 as a global warmer. This MUST end!

  • lookback

    Anyone surprised DEP (Deceive Evade Pollute) would take peoples private property and basically turn it over to their energy company sugar daddy.

    • typical liberal dope

      What are you talking about? Once the pipeline is installed the land owners get the land back and it becomes a right-of-way with small limitations…’s basically their land again to farm.

      • The plan

        And they get paid for the line running through their land. More jobs for our area. I can’t wait to finish the line we are on to get on this one. Maybe the lazy will come out and work

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