Air Show Leaves Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport in the Red

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AVOCA --  Final figures are in following August's air show in Luzerne County.

Board members are Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport are reporting that 25,000 people came out to the Northeastern Pennsylvania air show during its two-day span.

The board says the airport lost $70,000 from the event.

As for whether it'll be held again next year, the airport's director tells WNEP it's too soon to tell, but he and the board are looking into ways to improve the event if it is held again here in Luzerne County.



  • Michele

    Add to the cost a team of air national guard members installing and operating the aircraft arresting system on the ground. They are on stand by in the event of an in flight emergency to catch the plane . (Hopefully safely)

  • Dave

    What kind of insanity do we have? $70000.00 is a drop in the bucket of the economic benefit that this had in the local economy! Overwhelmingly this is an economic boom! If it costs $500,000.00 per year to put 10x that to bring 70 thousand people into Luzerne county then let’s do this every weekend!!!!! Lets spend money like this to keep taxes down!

  • BuzGuy

    The guy who failed to do proper advertising and use past /same parking results to plan this event should simply be terminated. His salary would then make the event profitable as he envisioned it on his short sighted basis!

  • Sorry son

    Son: Dad, take me to the air show so I can be inspired by the pilots and aircraft. I want to see the planes that Pap flew in the war and hear the stories of the Veterans. Dad: Sorry son, there’s no air show any more because this area is filled with apathetic losers that are happy having empty, meaningless lives and complaining about anything good. Son: OK dad, I guess I’ll just go do some drugs since there’s nothing else to do. You don’t mind if I OD on heroin, do you?

  • The plan

    I absolutely loved the air show being back at AVP and was happy to attend. But someone correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the better of the majority of the workers volunteers? Food stands and alcohol stands were jammed and at high prices and price of admission? I’m not sure if that was all air show money, but you would think it made money.

  • Brian

    Its very funny how the airport ALWAYS loses money for the airshow, but never mentions how much money it loses to airlines that QUIT flying out of Avoca after their initial “money savings” through tax payer funding. Sucks to be U AVOCA !! I live in Scranton, but fly out of Philadelphia or Newark to save 150 per person…by flying elsewhere.

    Again !! Sucks to be U AVP !!

  • pot smoker

    Too much pay to your buddies ? or self ? Doesn’t the kickbacks from concessions cover it ? Sorry not sure how 25k people doesn’t cover expenses unless your retirement fund is part of it .

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Well, a paid security guard every 4 feet along the fence might add a bit
    to your labor cost….

    Just saying….

  • Just a girl in the world

    I’d love to read the official break down of said costs that created such a loss. I’ve been to many air shows, many did not have such a turn out and several did.
    Even if paramedics were on standby and police presence were there I cannot fathom the excessive loss.

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