Talkback 16: Reactions to Upcoming Senate Race

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Viewers react to Lou Barletta's senate race announcement.


  • joe

    Lou is a cronie of DJT HE IS SO FAR UP TRUMPS ASS if trump makes a right hand turn lous will break his nose
    He hasn’t done anything for this state except obstruct He voted for the health care that would of put people in harms way with medicaid..I will not be voting for this phony

  • Marcus

    Barletta is a charlatan. A fake, a phony, a fraud just like his idol Donald Trump. He’s being backed as a surrogate of his pisan Rick (man on dog) Santorum. Barletta has the same campaign manager as Santorum. So connect the dots and do the math.

    Barletta is more enamored of himself than Trump is of himself. That’s a scary thought. Like Trump it’s all about Lou.

    While mayor of Hazleton he put the city in over $1 million in debt with his silly self serving illegal immigration act while never having the nerve to talk to a common citizen about their concerns or problems in the city.

    The race between him and Casey is like a race between a Thoroughbred race horse and a jackass.

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