Police Look for Brick’s Tavern Paint Vandals

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Police in Lackawanna County are investigating a bizarre case of vandalism after restaurant owners found their business covered in paint for the second time in less than a year.

When you walk up to the front door of Brick's Tavern in Covington Township, there are remnants of a problem the owners have had for almost a year.

"It just seems that it's more on purpose, instead of kids just playing around," said Tracy Oliveri.

Earlier this month, the owners of Brick's discovered blue paint splattered on the side of their building. Last September, the same thing happened, except in yellow.

Tracy Oliveri and Afton Kohn feel like the business is being targeted; both cases have fallen near the business partners' anniversary.

"We actually had to use paint thinner the first time. As you can see outside, we can't get that one off still. We had to paint over it," said Kohn.

The owners say there are a lot of things about these cases of vandalism that make them unusual but there's one detail though they hope will help track down who did this the color of the paint.

"Usually, when people paint their house, they don't pick yellow or blue. So, we think maybe it's somebody who has access to those colors," Kohn said.

That's something the owners have told Covington Township police who were back at the restaurant doing more interviews.

Brick's Tavern is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

"To worry about vandalism on top of all of that, it's extremely frustrating," said Oliveri.


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