Longtime Ashland Parade Canceled

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ASHLAND -- The Ashland Boys Association Parade set for Saturday has been canceled.

The Ashland Boys Parade has been a tradition in the Schuylkill County Community for more than a hundred years.

"We used to come down here when I was little, and I mean the parade was very big," Ashland resident Ed Kane said. "It was sidewalk to sidewalk. It was really big and would last about 2.5 hours."

The parade started as a homecoming celebration for men who worked in coal mines. It was held every year on labor day weekend.

"We`re an old mining community and it is something to represent those guys that work really hard," Ashland Boys Association Chair Stephanie Abalo said.

As times change. the support for the parade has dwindled.

"Lack of participation," Abaolo said. "Lack of funds. Not on the parade part but apparently we have a lack of police force in our community, which is really sad."

The parade was supposed to be held on Saturday but had to be canceled because there wasn't enough security for it. This is not the first time the parade was canceled. It was also canceled last year for the same reasons. Abalo is hoping more people will get involved in the parade so that it can be held next year.

"I don`t want to see it go away but if something doesn`t change, unfortunately, we won't be able to continue with it," Abalo said.

Abalo will be at the next Ashland Borough Council meeting on September 6 to discuss with the council why the parade was canceled.


  • Winston

    I drove through here last week for work on my way to Bloomsburg and was amazed at the amount of people hanging out on their front porches in the middle of the day. There was some pretty beautiful Victorian style architecture, but it looks like a mishandled borough that the local self important politicians let down and asked for too much from the working class like the rest of that county. Strung out miscreants and section 8 dope pushers on every corner are a sure fire way to generate the revenue to rebuild these communities. Duh, revenue management is what sunk that ship. Better call Portnoff to see what concept some city style slumlord will choose for the next failure of that once historic place. I feel ashamed to even know the shortcuts through it. Liberal mentalities will surely make the rest of our state like this eventually. “Let’s fight for the famous people and the people with the most money. F*** our neighbors that we deal with everyday” Underlings that cannot do for themselves and in turn destroy those that can. What a shame.

  • D barker

    There are lots of reasons this area is shot to hell. They all come down to the low brow morons on borough councils, school boards, and coumminty management. Dumpy people produce dumpy towns. No more state grants to this area. It is a waste of money that won’t be handled responsibly. Cut the chord!

  • Rjelq

    Sorry whisters brother, you settled in a failed Boro. the decline is evident and has been Very steady. Sorry, you get mad at the successful people who left town or the area. Have fun in your blighted row home but watch out for Stray cats. And the pedo sex roamers.

  • Lydias mom

    My grandparents took me to this parade when I was little. I remember it being a great parade and I think it’s a terrible shame that it is cancelled. We traveled an hour one way to see it. Aren’t there neighbouring communities that could lend security to keep a 100 year tradition going?

    • El Ma

      LYDIAS MOM, if you take a little jaunt to Ashland, you’ll get the picture. Nearly every one of the former coal mining towns are halfway abandoned and blighted. They are scary places to drive through with seven row homes boarded up for each one that is occupied. There’s no industry in these towns, anymore, and there’s no reason to live there since there isn’t industry OR economy.

      • BARRIOS

        Even with more industry than some other rural american areas such as dead end distribution centers as well as prisons and school jobs; However for most, the government jobs just raise taxes for poor services;
        This reason still gives the select few some reason to stay, there is no appeal here with the blight, rising taxes and drug. There is terrible corrupt leadership in the skook and norry areas and many educated flee, it is a known fact. The out migration rate is extremely high in some parts of the anthracite coal region. You can say what you want its the facts!

  • Buster

    Skook continues to die a slow death as corporations take advantage of SEDCO and plop ugly distribution centers and landfills all over the place for cheap. Now those Ashland street lurkers dont have their parade to gawk at the boys anymore. Ashland Boys Association. Jeez, are they just dumb or looking the other way!

  • Whistler's Brother

    This is so sad. How many disadvantaged kids without quality preowned Seminole Starter jackets will now succumb to overdose of drugs or perhaps move away and spend their miserable existence blaming their hometown? Sad all around. God bless America and God bless Ashland.

    • Tinytom

      Living in Ashland is no doubt a miserable existence. But I got my bathsalts, natty ice pounders and I am waiting for high school football to start. Hopefully the fire whistle rings so I could get woken up for a job at Lowe’s.

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