Greene-Dreher-Sterling Fair Celebrates 100th Year

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DREHER TOWNSHIP --The Greene-Dreher-Sterling Fair is in full swing once again here in Newfoundland. Even before the midway gets going for the day, fair-goers spread out, looking for the familiar parts of this now century-old fair.

"We have put 46 years in here. My children started here as infants, now they are no longer children.  They're 50 years old and they have their own spots here," Ralph Marchione said.

The rides and vendors may change over the years, but some things stay the same. Folks behind the GDS fair say that's the people.

"It`s 100 years, can`t believe the community and people who come out to help us, if we didn`t have them we wouldn`t have the fair," Katrina Caljean tells Newswatch 16.

Black and white photos around the fairgrounds link to the past, proof of the lasting power of so much that happens here during the week before Labor Day.

100 years of memories and community not only provides the fair with fun and entertainment, but a chance for the agricultural community to come together.

"When everybody comes and joins together as a community you really realize how much it matters to people," Brooke Kellogg said.

Whether it's passing down farming, fellowship or sheer fun, families who make a point to come to the fair every year say it's part of them, and part of home.

"It`s totally manageable, it`s not so big and overwhelming. Everyone is so friendly, it feels like a hometown fair," Jen Kiesendahl said.

The GDS Fair runs through Sunday here in Newfoundland

You can visit the GDS Fair website by clicking here.