Church Group Helping Harvey Victims

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DELAWARE TOWNSHIP -- The damage from Hurricane Harvey leaves people all over the country wondering how they can help. A church near Watsontown is spearheading a large collection and church members will personally deliver the items collected.

The images out of Texas are heartbreaking. With more than four feet of rain and thousands of water rescues, the victims need help. That's where Pastors James and Jilline Bond come in. The Bonds are pastors at Revival Tabernacle near Watsontown and have friends who are pastors in and around Houston.

"We couldn't just sit around watching the news channels and the weather channel. We had to do something," Pastor James Bond said.

Pastor Bond made some phone calls and shortly after that, one company donated a semi trailer and another company offered up a driver.

Members of Revival Tabernacle will drive south once the truck is filled and deliver the items to Grace Church in Humble, Texas, just outside Houston.

"We'll take it right there and if they can't use it, we'll take it to our friends in the Galveston area."

The church is collecting items from the community. They are in need of household items, cleaning products, and bottled water.

"We need to take things they can immediately use to help people," Pastor Jilline Bond said.

Trot Fitness near Lewisburg is a drop-off site for the church. Owner Nisan Trotter sent an email to members and a few hours later, began collecting items.

"We've collected everything from water, toothbrushes, deodorant, hygiene products, pillows, blankets," Trotter said.

The pastors are grateful to the community for the donations.

"We cannot say thank you enough. It's powerful to be part of a community that hears about something and then they go into action," Jilline added.

Volunteers will be at the church on Susquehanna Trail near Watsontown from the rest of this week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


  • El Ma

    BRAVO to these folks. This is the way to help instead of sending money. The victims will have things that they need.

    • El Ma

      to clarify: I will absolutely give things for the victims’ needs instead of donating cash. More sensible to me

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