A Helping Hand: Upgrades For Sherman Theater

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STROUDSBURG -- Smoothing out surfaces and transforming sections into ones with finished white walls, stained chairs and old curtains are now being replaced, as the Sherman Theater on Main Street in Stroudsburg is receiving some much-needed renovations.

“We have been 12 years making strides on getting as professional and historic looking as we possibly could,” Scott Judy, Sherman Theater.

The Lowe's in Bartonsville spearheaded the renovations at the theater. Every year, the Lowe's Hero Project helps out area nonprofit organizations that give back to the community.

“We really have to help get grants, grants like Lowe's had to look at five nonprofits and we are just overwhelmed they picked us,” said Judy.

Shane Gilliand used to visit the theater as a child and as a Lowe's employee, is proud to have the opportunity to give the historic center new life.

“It`s close to my heart, when I was a little kid it was either Ferris Bueller's Day off or Christmas Story that I saw,” said Gilliand.

By upgrading chairs and walls like those in the VIP area will bring more of a crowd to the Sherman Theater.

“It is a beacon for the arts, it is a community theater we have weddings in here, for Christmas we had a buddy holly tribute play and musical,” said Judy.

The renovations are expected to be completed by the middle of September.