Hazleton Police Cracking Down on Public Safety, Public Nuisance Problems

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HAZLETON -- The Hazleton Police Department is taking steps to crack down on public nuisance problems plaguing the city.

Already, it had the city remove benches from an area where it says the drunk and disorderly loiter.

Pictures sent in by the Hazleton Police Chief show crews cleaning the area at the corner of Mine and Vine Streets in the city. The chief says his officers spend hours removing and citing drunk and disorderly people from this area throughout the day and night. He asked the city to crack down on it as it`s become a quality of life issue.

“It was outrageous. It was absolutely outrageous,” said Brian McElwee. “There were 30, 40 people sometimes there hanging out, partying, do whatever they want, open drinking, open everything.”

McElwee and the other people who use a convenience store nearby say they see dozens of people drinking and loitering there every day.

“People, they come up and they just ask you for money all the time, you know what I mean?” said Jacob Bloss. “Just the other day I was over here, they were drinking beer, beer laying around. They didn't pick up the cans.”

The police chief says his officers have to clean the area, picking up beer and liquor cans and bottles, and now, people are leaving behind clothes and other items and urinating in the bushes.

So on the police department's request, benches and a table were removed from that area by the city and tree limbs cut back to provide more light at night. Now the area is empty.

“I’ve even noticed since it happened how clear it’s been over the last day or two,” said McElwee.

“I know there was a bunch of benches up there so people would sit there and wait for people to come up, so that's cool they took that down,” said Bloss.

Many hope this cleanup effort will continue throughout the city.

“Seeing Hazleton now versus when I was a kid, it's definitely changed a lot, so it would be nice to see them cleaning it up as a whole,” said Brianne Mankins.


  • magicmikexxsm

    LOL so they will move to a different part of Hazleton…how about arresting them find out if they are legal or not, and if not call ICE and deport them……..This goes out to NY, NJ keep your people there Pa doesn’t want them…..I don’t care what color they are stay out of Pa….and by all means keep your illegals aliens away….

  • Trump will get them!

    At least Frackville’s pedo street roamers sling their soiled BVDs up on the powerlines so we don’t have to walk through them. And if I’m not mistaken, most, if not all roamers are legal citizens. They’re just a little down on their luck, thats all.

  • tonya

    Removing benches? They need to stop and search the cars with the flagrant vehicle code violations, like tinted windows. Insist on jail time for drug dealers. Walk up and down Wyoming Street from Broad to Diamond. Daily. Randomly. Be intolerant toward juvenile gang members blocking traffic.

    • Bob Smith

      I’ll tell you about removing benches including bus benches…. In New York City have removed a lot to cut down sleeping bums during the day. Same as Anaheim California around Disney World….. Benches are reserved for Disney employees and guests who wait for bus. No benches there and the bums sleep under covered shelter concrete floor to prevent sun and rain. In Houston benches changed from widely to individual arm rests same at train platforms.. No one can sleep on it. But it won’t keep drunks off anyway.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Ah, yes, after all this stuff about “helping Kenny”. Not saying that it’s not a problem, just saying “they speaketh with fork-ed tongue” Eliminating places these folks go doesn’t solve the problem, it just drives it somewhere else.

  • Common Sense

    WOW, Cops doing their job instead of harassing someone over a “Cracked Lens” or the ol’ stand-by excuse…..”Dirty Vehicle”.
    Think this will work???

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