Baking up a Storm to Help Hurricane Victims

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DUNMORE -- Lola Dessert Shoppe in Dunmore is full of jewel colored sweets called macarons, a French dessert that comes in all sorts of flavors.

But at this shop, there are now special red, white, and blue ones on sale to benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey.

"I have family in Texas right now. Luckily they weren't affected as bad as some people but just watching the news, I wanted to do something,” said shop owner and baker Kallista Pluciennik.

Pluciennik said the macarons are symbolic of Americans needing to stick together.

She calls the support amazing.

"I've had so much positive responses, especially on social media after we posted the picture that we were selling them. It was great,” she said.

Customers do seem to love the idea.

"I think that's really cool and I bought a lot of them. I'm pretty sure I bought five or six, wait, six,” said Chloe Lynch of Dunmore.

"I saw it on Facebook and I actually texted her like that's so cool you're doing this! Like, there’s such negativity anymore and her doing this is such a positive thing, I think. It's awesome,” said Sarah Rosar of Dunmore.

Pluciennik will be selling the sweets all week and if things go well, she may bake more and continue fundraising for those in need.

"I'm the owner and then I have one employee, so we bake everything here. It's hard to do a lot, but if we can at least do this, we feel at least we're doing something,” she said.

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