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Sisters’ Food Stand Raises Money for Police Chief in Need

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PORT CARBON -- Sisters Lily, 7, and Ava, 9, and some friends were selling hot dogs and baked goods like pros in front of their Port Carbon home Monday afternoon.

And they did it for a special cause.

Their daddy is a police officer in Port Carbon and his officer-in-charge, Joe Ferraro, nicknamed "Dutchie" is battling cancer for the second time.

"Chief Ferraro has cancer. He's trying to beat it for the second time, and his family can't keep paying for his medical bills so we're trying to raise $500 for them,” said Lily Walsh.

Word spread fast and dozens came out to visit the stand, including police officers from other departments and firefighters.

Some people just made cash donations to help the girls reach their goal.

"It's amazing, kids, what they'll do for somebody they don't even know. It's great. It's great,” said Wallace McFarland of Port Carbon.

"This man is going through a hard time right now, and everything we can do, I mean he helps the borough a lot, we want to give back. That's what everybody is doing here,” said Mike Quercia, a Port Carbon council member.

Lily and Ava's dad couldn't be more proud watching his little girls do something so selfless for his boss.

"I'm trying not to break down in tears right now but I just, they're doing an excellent job. They're doing an excellent job. Joe is one of the best leaders I know. He's somebody--the borough needs him and we just want to show him that we're here. We're here to help you, Joe. He's not alone,” said Officer Timothy Walsh of Port Carbon.

The girls say they just want to help Ferraro and his family as he battles for his life.

"I would say good luck, Joe, with all the treatments that he's getting and I would say we all wish that you could get rid of it,” said Ava Hale.

The girls plan to fundraise again Wednesday and Friday, although they shattered their goal Monday by raising more than $800.

Monday night, a crowd of Ferraro supporters gathered at Port Carbon Borough Hall. There were concerns council members would get rid of Ferraro.

Council members held an executive session behind closed doors, before emerging.

Mayor Chuck Joy announced a positive resolution will be made soon about Ferraro and he thanked the crowd for its support.

The council's next meeting is September 12 at 7 p.m.


  • That's fantastic!

    What an awesome thing those girls are doing. It’s nice to see some positive news for a change. Obviously their parents ha e taught them about thinking of others in need. Great job Ava and Lily!

    • JD

      The law is the law for everyone? Snicker, snicker, guffaw! No it’s not! Just look at Hillary and Barack! These kids were doing a good and decent thing, and I knew some hashhole would have a negative comment! Get a life and a heart to with it you jerk!

  • Debbie DeWalt

    I just read the story about those little kids doing a fundraiser for a police officer battling cancer. I think thats awesome! Thier parents must be awfully proud of them. Giving of thier selves like that to help out someone else in need. Kudos to those kids

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