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Roads to Close for Dallas Roundabout Project

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DALLAS -- Construction on another traffic roundabout in Luzerne County is expected to shut down part of a busy road near Misericordia University.

Business owners in the Dallas area hope customers can get used to a year of detours.

Starting Tuesday, drivers looking to turn onto Lake Street in Dallas will have to take a detour while crews begin building a traffic roundabout.

Sara Wise owns the Olde House Café on Lake Street at the edge of the construction site. She believes regulars here will navigate their way to breakfast and lunch.

"There are rumors that go around that the whole entire road is going to be closed and that's not the case," said Wise. "We have a lot of loyal and faithful customers who come back pretty regularly every day, and I don't see them not coming during this time."

Crews originally planned to close Lake Street last Thursday but pushed it off to accommodate Misericordia University, whose students just got back to school.

But that five-day delay is of little comfort to people who do not want a roundabout built here at all.

"It's going to be kind of a mess. It really is," said Alan Davis of Dallas. "You're going to have older people, people who are not that good at driving, they're going to be afraid to enter into the damn thing."

PennDOT claims the roundabout is necessary because there is too much traffic where Lake Street meets Route 415. Left turns are difficult, and there are safety concerns involving walkers and cyclists.

Wise hopes her customers get used to the roundabout.

"I hope it's for the good because it's coming, regardless."

PennDOT expects the Lake Street entrance to reopen in a little less than a year. and the roundabout should be completed in about two years.


  • Dallas Townie

    Lived in Dallas 20 years, never was a need for a roundabout there. Instead of a roundabout they should be filling potholes and repainting lines on roads (the lanes are all fudged up where Huntsville meets Main St)

    • Pleasantoldman

      What about getting on to Main St and for that matter getting out of the Post Office and onto the main drag for that matter?

      • Dallas Townie

        Getting out of the post office has never been bad. If it’s backed up toward CVS, usually someone will let you make the left onto Main, then it’s a standard left turn light. Alternatively, drive the other way out toward Wendy’s and turn out there. Very rarely will it be so backed up that you can’t make lefts easily, and even then it’s no worse than a 3 minute inconvenience.

  • Givemeabreak

    Public square in Wilkes-Barre is basically the same as a roundabout. There aren’t accidents there on a daily basis. You just yield to the traffic in the circle it’s that simple. If someone can’t yield to traffic in a circle than they shouldn’t be driving.

  • Joseph Peter Klapatch

    Some people like to come across like they are smart and say that they know how to use traffic circles and people of lesser intelligence do not. Guess what, even if you think you know what you are doing, you can still get into an accident. Either with someone who doesn’t understand circles, or with someone else who thinks they understand circles, but understands them opposite of the way you do. Ask people, who has the right of way, the motorists on the circle, or those entering the circle. About half of the people will answer one way; about half the other way.

    • Emilo

      The person that has the right a way is the one or ones that are on the circle. Vehicles entering the circle must yield. Several states have signs with this information posted prior to entering the circle. The problem that arises is for some reason the planners always have to have trees and shrubbery planted in such a way that it blocked vision in such a way that you can see on coming cars. Impatience regarding some drivers can be a significant problem. And the list goes on and on.

  • Anywhere but there

    That’s a true “older person” comment, more driver education and testing for the elderly! Use the lottery proceeds that they contribute to daily.

    • Anywhere but there

      There are numerous studies that confirm they do increase the flow – until you add in a NEPA driver “people that are not that good at driving.”

      • Traveler

        I’ve driven thousands of miles in other developed countries that use roundabouts. MUCH better than our intersections. Of course -you’re correct – people in most other countries are courteous and know how to drive. Most American drivers suck and are arrogant a-holes.

      • Wow yer dumb

        Oh, shut up with the NEPA driver thing. Everybody thinks where they are from is so damn unique. There are bad drivers everywhere! Not just NEPA

  • Jared

    “You’re going to have older people, people who are not that good at driving, they’re going to be afraid to enter into the damn thing.” If that’s the case then they shouldn’t be driving in the first place.

  • rovena

    Whoever in local government supported this future disaster needs to be rejected at the polls and sued personally with first accident.

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