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Pocono Red Cross Volunteers Heading to Texas

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STROUDSBURG -- Volunteers at the American Red Cross of the Poconos are busier than usual this week. The chapter in Stroudsburg is gearing up to send volunteers to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

John Hoopingarner is one of those volunteers.

"My wife and I go together," Hoopingarner said. "We share the responsibilities of whatever we are doing and it's just a tremendous opportunity for us to help people."

Hoopingarner and several other volunteers are scheduled to leave this week.

Directors of the organization tell Newswatch 16 people in the Poconos have really been stepping up to help.

"It's been an unbelievable outpouring of concern from the community for the residents of Texas. People have been dropping by. It's very emotional, dropping by to give monetary donations. That is really what we need, and this event as catastrophic and really tragic as it is has brought our nation together," said executive director Michele Baehr.

An emergency response vehicle will leave for Texas later this week, filled with water, food, and other supplies, and it will act as an office for volunteers.

"Our local volunteers will drive the response vehicle down to Texas, and it will be used to canvas these hard-hit neighborhoods," said Baehr.

"They need a place to stay. They need food, clothing if they had to leave their homes quickly, so it's any type of need we are there to help them," Hoopingarner added.

Click here to make a donation to the Red Cross hurricane relief efforts.


  • Clint Wirth

    I’m wondering how the emergency response vehicle is going canvas neighborhoods when they’re all understand?? I don’t imagine those vehicles are all the high off the ground

  • Wannabes

    All you volunteers need to stay away from Texas right now. You’re only gonna get in the way. Officials have made that clear! Texas is bringing in all of it’s 15,000 troops. You’re not needed. If you want to play catastrophe hero, go set up in Hazleton.

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