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Officer Fired from Sunbury Police Department

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SUNBURY — A police officer in Northumberland County has been fired after an internal investigation.

Former Sunbury Police Officer Jamie Quinn faces tampering with evidence and other charges.

State police say Quinn’s department-issued cell phone contained a sexually explicit photo.

Investigators said Quinn gave the phone to a high school student and asked the student to delete the photo and not tell anyone.

Quinn had been on paid leave since she was charged in December.


  • Fredric

    “Does It” and several others are CORRECT. We, G. D. C.*, see UNIFORM. Cops want us to see uniform. But when one cop acts illegally and tampers with evidence, G. D. C. think illegal action are uniform.

    *G. D. C. = Gosh Darn Civilian… aka Taxpayer.

    The police group still disgusts many.

  • Sharon Richter

    It’s about time the mayor of Sunbury finally got something right!!! See ya Jamie!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Huggy

    Oh here we go again for the 10000th time. This area is nothing but odd sex pedos. Coaches, cops, teachers, economic developers, street roamers, firemen, little league volunteers, priests….all diddle smacckers

    • StephyWeffy

      Your right and its serious but I just laughed for ten mins straight at the term “diddle smackers” bahahaha I’m dead!


    NE and Central Pennsylvania is a weird place! IF the sandusky scandal wasn’t a lesson enough. Every day there is sex offender and sex related arrests, now cops have sex problem. Nearby Schuylkill county has a population of like 130,000 yet it has 100 tier 3 sex offenders! and thats only the ones who got convicted.. YET! people continue to post 100s of pics of children on Facebook. And its a bunch of roamers, youth sports crazies and weirdos in this backward area.

  • Lance

    Well NEPA has another star on the sex pervert hall of shame. This time the police didn’t have to look far. Hope they toss her off the force and into a nice cell.

    • Armstrong

      Wisconsin has the most serial killers…

      NEPA must have the most serial perverts….

      Must be the long cold winters.

  • RicU.

    Are we still supposed to have respect for a badge or a uniform? They tamper with evidence. They do what they want and the blue wall protects them. Then they get an EIGHT MONTH PAID VACATION while they make us pay or their deeds. If we forget to race out to the parking meter in time, we get a fine and face jail.

    They disgust me.

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