North Central Red Cross Volunteers Ready to Help

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EAST BUFFALO TOWNSHIP -- The North Central Chapter of the Red Cross, like other chapters around the country, has been busy since before Hurricane Harvey started. The devastation in Texas with more yet to come leaves people wondering how to help. The Red Cross says donating money is the best way at this point.

Tom Szulanczyk is the executive director of the North Central Chapter of the Red Cross, which is near Lewisburg. He and other Red Cross directors have been organizing volunteer efforts in Houston since before the storm started. 16 people from the Lewisburg area left for Houston over the weekend and more will go soon.

"We're opening shelters to handle 28,000 residents with additional shelter capacity for 20,000 more," Szulanczyk said. "Red Cross activity and volunteers and recovery services will probably be ongoing through Thanksgiving."

If you're looking to help, Szulanczyk says the Red Cross does not need materials right now. The best way to help is by donating money.

"There may be other organizations in the community that are collecting supplies to go down, but at this point, the transportation and getting them delivered is probably not going to happen."

One of the easiest ways to donate is by texting the word "Harvey" to 90999. That will give a $10 donation right from your phone. If you write a check to the Red Cross, make sure you write "Harvey" in the memo section.

Volunteers from the Monroe County area are also headed to Texas.

Newswatch 16 found some people who want to help.

"I've been in a couple of bad floods back in the early 70s. It's not nice," said Terry Wise of Penns Creek.

"We can't just fly down there and help them, unfortunately. I think that it's important to give in a way that you feel is necessary," said Richard Stover of Lewisburg.

Another way to donate which does not involve money is giving blood. The Red Cross says because of the weather, many blood drives in Texas will be canceled so there will be a need for blood.

Click here to make a donation to Red Cross hurricane relief efforts.


  • Andy Panda

    Red cross keeps most the money donated
    for their fat cat CEO, don’t donate money to the red cross. Donate your time or tangible items that is actually needed.

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