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Construction of New Terminal at Airport in Lycoming County Underway 

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MONTOURSVILLE -- It will be months until there's a noticeable change at the construction site at Williamsport Regional Airport in Montoursville, but work on a new terminal building is underway.

"Another big improvement with the building would be a canopy," said Thomas Hart.

Williamsport Municipal Airport Authority began construction on the new airline passenger terminal project about three weeks ago. This week the airport will have the official ground breaking ceremony for its $16 million improvement project. It's improvements passengers are looking forward to.

"Just hope it's a lot bigger and a lot more things just like I said somewhere to eat. (Maybe) a souvenir shop," said Lawrence Giancontieri from New Orleans.

The larger layout includes a new passenger loading area, state of the art safety features, and more food choices.

Improvements will continue into next year. Once the new terminal is built, the next project will be to demolish the old one.

"This building was built in 1947. It's had a handful of extensive renovations. It's basically obsolete. It's outlived its useful life. It doesn't really meet industry standards," said Thomas Hart.

"Oh, there's roof leaks. There are air conditioning issues. There's anything that goes wrong with the building,” said Jonathan Baker.

Jonathan Baker helps maintain the terminal building for the airport. He's also looking forward to the improvements that airport management hopes could also entice new airlines to the Williamsport area.

"I suspect it won't pull a lot more people into the airport. Maybe some people from other small airports may come through here. Instead, I think it will improve the experience," said Brian Hendrix from Colorado.

The terminal is expected to be finished by October of 2018.


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    If the price for a flight stays as high as they are now rhey still will not have the customers. Mostly business people whos companys pay the fares or people with high income can afford to use this airport! What a waste of money!


    OMG,,, it’s Little Ferguson a Port O Potty would do, what a TURD the place is giving Philly a bad name, DRUNKS!

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