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Arrests Made After Raid in Freeland

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FREELAND -- Three people are facing charges in connection with a raid by federal authorities Monday morning in Luzerne County.

The FBI and ATF raided a home and other properties.

Police took boxes and boxes of evidence out of a home on Centre Street in Freeland belonging to Liza Robles, 33, and Roberto Torner, 44.

The couple is accused of several arsons, selling heroin, and buying guns illegally.

Torner tells Newswatch 16 he did not set the fires.

"I don't know. People tell crazy things," Torner said.

Police say the couple is responsible for a fire in Weatherly in August of last year and another fire in Kidder Township in 2014. The couple owned each of the homes that burned.

Newswatch 16 interviewed Robles and Torner four months ago about their plan to open restaurants and other shops in downtown Freeland.

Robles is running for Freeland borough council.

People who own businesses near where the couple lives say they hear a lot of rumors about them.

"Just about the drugs and lot of people say that's where he's been getting his money because he has so many buildings here in town and they don't work," said business owner Albert Stefanik.

The ATF, the FBI, and state and local police raided two of the properties and three cars owned by Robles and Torner.

They were arraigned on state charges Monday afternoon. Federal charges are also expected against them.

Police are also charging one of Torner's employees, David Alzugary, in connection with the drugs, guns, and arson.

"We kind of had an idea something would happen eventually because it's the rumors and everything else that has been going on, so it was just a matter of time," said Stefanik.

Robles and Torner are locked up in Luzerne County with bail set at $100,000.

Alzugary was also taken into custody.


  • pot smoker

    Amazing scum, so she wanted free money as a public official , multiple drug houses , insurance fires? Tax evasion , You have to let them go or the local economy will collapse !

  • Joe Freeland

    He also did 3 years for selling crack cocaine on school property in New Jersey in the 90’s, which they easily could have found via simple search.

  • trucker

    Sept 26 2014 he has a disorderly conduct bust according to another source, took 2 minutes to find.
    Kudos for admitting you interviewed him 4 months ago. I hope that interview is held up as an example of how to lose the publics trust and respect. Did LaRaza request that odious puff piece?

  • Ronald

    WNEP. interviewed this guy last April,

    “Torner says, ‘I am a romantic, I love old things, I hate seeing things die out, I think there is new life in everything, a town, a piece of wood, people.’ “

  • Anywhere but there

    Just a drop in the bucket. NEPA needs more federal investigations to uncover all the layers of scum.

      • Reading is fundamental

        If you bothered to read the article that preceded this one you would know. But that would require effort and diligence on your part. It’s easier to cast aspersions, so keep up the good work.

  • Robert

    I say off with their heads! Don’t care what color they are. Usabitch LITM. And yea, if I was gonna bet…the odds would be in my favor. Trump got rich over lesser odds. Matter of fact, my odds are 80%. You wonder where I come up with that number? Look in the Mirror!

  • Look in the Mirror

    There must be a mistake!!! comments on this site make it clear that crimes in the USA are only committed by African Americans and “illegal” aliens. Please correct this WNEP!

    • Call it like you see it

      The name ‘Robles’ is of Spanish origin and Azurgary is Latin-American. So, true to form – the ‘imports’ never disappoint when it comes to crime. No need to complain to WNEP, they’re still doing a great job outing the crooks. And rest assured, it’s only a matter of time until Sambo is busted again.

    • Dreamer

      He’s still trying to find that country where the government confiscated all the guns and then magically all the crime went away and the unicorns came back.

  • Joe Freeland

    Some journalists you are! You bought his nonsense and gave him free publicity for the drug fronts he was pretending to remodel, but the building is still standing dangerously many months after he claimed it would be demolished in five days. Plus his properties all have thousands of dollars in back taxes, and are listed under AFFORDABLE ANGELS HOME HEALTH AIDES LLC, EASY LIVING AND FAMILY LLC, GETAWAY RENTAL PROPERTIES LLC, and TORNER RENTAL PROPERTIES LLC, all of which are fronts. Do your jobs!

    • My own problems

      Joe Joe it takes time to rip a building down when you spread all your workers out to think ripping people off in this small town. Do the work load figures. Up late to get your underground customers taken care of then a good days sleep to get ready for another bonfire. Not to mention the other workers at other locations waiting for illegal tools of there trade. So Joe please be patient. Me be,

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