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Nursing home residents rescued after waiting in several feet of water

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DICKINSON, Texas — Residents of a nursing home in Dickinson, Texas, have been rescued after they waited patiently for help as floodwaters rose around them.

A dramatic photo circulating on the Internet showed the residents of the La Bella Vita nursing home sitting in several feet of water as they waited for help.

Kim McIntosh lives in Florida, but told CNN that her mother, who owns the nursing home just southeast of Houston, took the photo.

“My mom sent it to me at 9 this morning. She said it was a disaster,” McIntosh said Sunday. “They [were] waiting for helicopters or the National Guard.”

“Most of these people are in wheelchairs and [on] oxygen,” she said.

The Galveston Office of Emergency Management confirmed Sunday afternoon that it had rescued the residents from the facility.

“They were up to their waist” in water, said Ken Clark, a Galveston County commissioner.

McIntosh said that when she spoke to her mother over the last couple days, she told McIntosh that the nursing home was not told to evacuate. Instead, they were instructed to stay in place and have a disaster plan.

Between 20 to 25 people were rescued from the nursing home Sunday afternoon, Clark said.

First-responders working as the Houston area copes with catastrophic flooding are facing big challenges in both the high water levels and a lack of resources, like equipment and personnel, he added.

“We have complete sections of freeways that were closed and intersections that are closed,” Clark said. And it’s still raining.

He told CNN the county has received more than 1,000 requests for evacuation and rescue.


  • Supporter of America

    That’s funny, that WNEP deleted my comment cause I made fun of poor reporting. In the case of 7several feet of water. I personally don’t know to many elderly over 7 feet at the waist when sitting. Sad these people were treated like this or simply left.

  • what a shame

    Oh my goodness!!! This is such a sad depressing photo. My heart is breaking to know that these elderly people are/were sitting in water for hours. Does anyone know what happens to your skin if you are exposed to water for a serious long time!?!?!?!?!?! YOUR SKIN FALLS OFF !!!!! And i am beyond sure the elderly skin is not as tough as the younger crowd. Praying for the families.

  • Lance

    The managwrs of tgis nursing home should be hung out to dry. What idiot would wait knowing that forecast would call for major flooding? Those people should have been rescued hours before. How can you calm someone who has medical issues or Alzheimer’s in that situation?

  • Hurricane Harvey

    Be very judicious about which organization you wish to donate to. Some of these organizations have quite questionable practices.

  • coke addict

    Funny the liberal democrat mayor of Huston told everyone not to evacuate, The Republican Gov told every one to evacuate, The Mayor should be brought up on charges…

  • Bob Smith

    Dickinson is about 20 miles south of Houston on Interstate 45……. I still have some old friends there…. They are ok….. Survived yesterday tornado too. Houston was founded in 1836 over swamplands with bayous same as New Orleans. Chronic flooding. It’s too painful but, I’m glad, I moved out!

  • El Ma

    Jeezus, is this even real? According to the article, the administration was instructed to NOT evacuate these people? What the bloody blue blazes were they THINKING?! Those people let go of every red cent that they have to “enjoy” a 10’x10′ “space” during their last years, and this is how they’re treated?

    And, I have to say that the poor old gal that’s knitting is probably doing it to maintain focus, God love her. I just cannot fathom this, at all.

    • Robert

      The evacuation costs would drive the investors away! What if the water only got ankle deep. We’d look like fools!
      Looks like the death panel has spoken. Bet there were no wet employees! If you check out Tim’s tweets prior, it look like these persons were abandoned. It also appears that family members tweeted Tim appealing for help. So there must be something behind all this that were missing.

      • El Ma

        Well, what this implies is that these people were (are?) sitting in waste water. Most seniors have conditions that involve open sores, and the like. My God. I cannot imagine who made such a wretched decision to NOT evacuate these human beings, but they should be strung up, immediately. Or, send them to the Congo out of a plane with a parachute. What a dreadful, shameful, wretched thing to do to save money.

        LIVESTOCK is treated with more regard than these folks. I’ve already told my sons that I will not enter into a nursing home. Hold a pillow over my face, or let me wander off into the forest to die of exposure. Same difference.

  • Robert

    I think this photo was confirmed legit. I’m guessing the water was warm. Its been going around Facebook for a few hours now. So is it safe to say, when the world around you is going to heck, Knit?

    • El Ma

      Daz RITE, KANYE WEST! Trump created the hurricane and directed straight that that particular nursing home. Sure did, because he knows that you wuz kangz n sheeyit. (snort)

    • Ralph

      Isn’t Kayne West Head of Catastrophes for the administration?

      I saw a picture of him shaking hands in the Tower.

      • Bob Smith

        Yes, I remembered that…… I don’t know what purpose of visit until few days later, he ended up in rehab for mental and behavior problems.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Is that lady actually sitting one the couch knitting!?!?!

    It’s a sad situation for sure, but if she’s knitting, I may blow a gasket due to that being the funniest shyt I’ve ever seen!!

    • I can't believe you laugh

      She’s not knitting you stupid f***. She has dementia. She’s agitated. It gives her comfort to hold something. Only the dumb f***s in NEPA would make fun of residents in these conditions. Suck it you b******s.

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