Fire Destroys Businesses, Apartments in Forest City

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FOREST CITY -- Flames destroyed businesses and apartments in Forest City overnight, leaving about half a dozen people without a place to stay.

The fire started along Main Street around 2:30 a.m. Sunday. In the end, it destroyed three buildings and damaged a nearby funeral home.

"I saw the flames shooting off top and power lines came down and started sparking everywhere."

Firefighters spent hours trying to keep the flames from spreading.

Michael MacDonald Jr. lives across the street and made sure his family was safe before trying to help.

"Seeing something like this, how quick it was spreading, I was worried if it was going to hit these buildings behind me," he said.

Fire officials say the fire began on the second floor of Studio 511 before passing through apartments and destroying a flower shop. A funeral home was also damaged. Debris littered Main Street.

Firefighters used foam after the fire was out to try to keep the flames from rekindling.

Annie Pagonis tells Newswatch 16 it was unbelievable seeing all the damage in the heart of downtown.

"There's a lot to clean up, and you feel bad because you want them to thrive and it's a small town and small business, and now you have bigger problems," said Annie Pagonis of Simpson.

One of the businesses destroyed was Ros-Al floral shop. The shop stood for decades. Now, a backhoe is removing debris piece by piece.

Owner Christopher Glinton tells Newswatch 16 the fire will not keep him from doing his job.

"37 years of our life gone up into flames," Glinton said. "I keep trying to pinch myself, but its reality. We have a lot of weddings and stuff coming up, but all our brides, call us tomorrow morning."

A state police fire marshal was on scene to look for a cause.

Officials blocked off the 500 block of Main Street as they work.

The families had to be relocated and are being helped by the Salvation Army.


  • Bob Calvey

    Ok salvation army is helping the displaced people one question where is the United way o there is nobody handing anything out so they are not I would not give them anything the only time you hear of them is when they are looking for donations or they are having there big shot black tie affair

  • El Ma

    Thank goodness nobody was injured or killed. I hope the community pulls together to help the folks who’ve been displaced.

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