Update: Wrong-Way Driver Reported on I-81

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SCRANTON — A wrong-way driver was reported on Interstate 81.

The driver was spotted headed south in the northbound lanes near mile marker 185, near the Central Scranton Expressway, just before 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

Police shut down on-ramps to the interstate for a time. They have since reopened after police gave the all clear.


  • FuBar

    They should install those movable spikes at the end of the ramps, you know the kind in parking lots where you get a ticket to get in and if you try to come in the exit you blow a tire….that will put a stop to the stupidity real fast..

  • Bob Calvey

    I have seen a lot of so-called your driver’s doing some crazy things like driving wrong way on one way St like Birney Ave and Pittston Ave in minooka section of Scranton so you can’t just blame elderly and it is more often than you think

    • Bob Smith

      There are several factors…… Elderly driver, drunk, drugs, doesn’t have a license, or can’t read English. Not only on Pennsylvania roads. Everywhere I’ve seen it and be aware to avoid it.

  • rovena

    How about installing spikes on entrance ramps, like in parking lots. If you try to enter wrong way the tires get spiked and go flat? PennDot has lots of money, that would be a safe, effective way to stop this.

  • El Ma

    Y’know, this blurb leaves just SO much room for responses.

    Is it certain that the wrong-way driver was spotted and not paisley? And, the ramps are being shut down? Good heavens, my word, and holy cow.

    It seems that portions of I81 were constructed on top of some sacred burial grounds or something – I hate driving that interstate, and more accidents occur on it than any I’ve ever heard of other than the H1 on Honolulu, but that’s because it’s the ONLY “interstate” on that island.

    • MMMM

      I agree!!!!!!!!!!! Why is their never an age put in? Most likely elderly.Trying to save someone from embarrasment!!? This is prejudice! If I am ever hit by an elderly driver I will sue them and the dr. too for letting them dirve when it is unsafe for them to be driving.

      • El Ma

        Most likely DRUNK. And, since there’s no update on this situation, we can all assume that the driver has made their way into Missouri, by now, and that PA isn’t even involved, anymore.

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