Thieves Posing as Utility Workers Steal from Home

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HAZLE TOWNSHIP — A man posing as a PPL employee helped steal from a home in Luzerne County, according to state police.

Troopers say the man showed up at the home on North Sherman Court near Hazleton and told the victims they would be replacing utility poles outside.

After getting the victims to take him to the basement, state police say another thief swiped money and jewelry from the home.

The suspects were seen leaving in a black SUV.

If you have any information, contact state police in Luzerne County.


  • Huggy

    The gypsies are back! Look out frackville. The gypsies come to Frackville cause those people are so easy to take advantage of. Gypsies own the skooks

  • El Ma

    While I am very sorry for the people that were robbed, this could be a very important learning opportunity for everyone who reads these forums. Always, always, always, question who the person is, demand identification, THEN contact the utility company, and call 911 if anything (any thing) even SEEMS amiss. Better to be safe than sorry.

    • Artisanal Jenkem

      Common targets for these kinds of scams are elderly folks. They might not be stupid, but as people age, their mental faculties begin to fade. This is exactly why the elderly are chosen as targets.

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