Teen Mom Accused of Leaving Toddler Unattended While at a Bar

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HAZLETON — A teenage mother is accused of leaving her 14-month-old child unattended while she went into a bar in Hazleton.

Hazleton police said the child was left alone outside for about 25 minutes.

A woman told police she found the infant outside the bar on West Broad Street around 2 a.m. Saturday.

The child was taken to the hospital to be checked out. That’s when police say Destiny Davila, 18, showed up and identified herself as the child’s mother.

Police said Davila admitted that she had been drinking and decided to take her daughter to the bar. She said she gave her daughter to someone at the bar to watch her and eventually noticed she was missing.

Davila is locked up on charges including child endangerment, reckless endangerment, and underage and public drunkenness.

“The appalling situation like what occurred last night are stark reminders to mothers in desperate situations that there is always a better choice for their baby,” said Hazleton Police Chief Jerry Speziale. “Sadly, this is the first newborn abandonment of 2017 and thankfully the baby was found unharmed by alert officers.”


  • Supporter of America

    Shouldn’t it be a “alert passerby” as she is the one that reported it? The police only responded, which that is great they did. The mother should be removed from any and all parental rights. But then again the kid will bounce around in the states foster program with no chance of going to a good home thanks to PA Adoption regulations. So many people have to go elsewhere to adopt, what a shame.

  • Kiki

    take the baby away…
    give to a loving family

    this 18 yr old skank is not even old enough to drink… wth.

    this is crazy…

  • Justice

    This woman was wrong and I’m glad she’s in jail.

    To the comments, how the hell do you know she’s an illegal?

  • rovena

    How about an update on the mom Molly O’Neill, who left two toddlers in her car while she worked out at a Nanticoke gym? There hasn’t been any followup.

  • pot smoker

    Bar isn’t in trouble ? Wow . If she’s such an alcoholic to be at bar till 2 am and drag a child , Whose been feeding her alcohol ? Hazleton – oh I guess this is normal there.

  • In a galaxy far far away

    Another generation of welfare addicts for us to support. I’m shure she will have many more children for us to pay for! Meth isn’t free and since I am sure she does not have gainful employment, what do you suppose she uses for payment? As I said, more kids to come! What the hell, In our society you get rewarded for pumping out kids when you have no means to support them! These people are like human PEZ dispensers. Im sure she is a Hillary supporter!

  • magicmikexxsm

    Okay if this chick was only 18 why did a bar serve her??????? that is the question, and if bar did server her then the LCB should pull their liquor licence …….shutting them down.

  • Writer Girl

    Disgusting. Why do stupid people have children? You don’t have to have them you know. Infertile couples would love and care for your children. So would adoptees.

  • El Ma

    Who is in charge of the “moderating” algorithm????? I have 2 comments to BEAM ME UP that do not contain profanities, do not contain racial slurs, and only contain history: that, in my day, being un-wed and a tee n age moth er was unacceptable in comparison with today’s standard.

    Seriously. The moderating algorithm will allow people to post dreadful profanities and racial slurs, but other things? Not so much………very biased and foolish to censor all speech on a public news forum.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      El Ma, clear your history and make a fake email everytime you post. Then you can post endlessly.

      Wnep deleted the comment section completely once and then a few weeks later brought it back but only allowed posts by people who would sign in. They quickly went the way of the dodo bird as well. My assumption is that their website traffic dropped 90% since the commenters stopped coming. We all know we’re here for the fist fights in the comment section and not the award winning journalism anyway.

  • Katelyn

    If she is only 18 what in the hell is she doing being in a bar in the first place? Why didn’t they identify the name of the bar that will not only serve underage drinkers but will do so with infants in their possession?

    • i_see_crazy_people

      They aren’t in the habit of following the rules in Hazleton..
      Thank God this little one is ok..

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Probably because meth and heroin and getting trains ran on you adds a few wrinkles quickly. She probably looks 40.



    • fight_the_good_fight

      No she didn’t! She made HERSELF look bad! All girls who decide to have their babies saves a life! You all just fight the good fight of keeping them safe. This girl failed, the bar failed, and anyone who knew that baby was there and enabled the mother’s underage drinking failed!


        wrong. Kids have no business having kids. They do not raise their babies to become the next astronaut and the kids just learn how to use the welfare system as a career choice. Youth is wasted on the young and we aren’t trying to populate the world anymore. Is there nobody with any common sense to tell these girls that it’s no picnic to raise a child?

      • Gordon Ramsay

        The system rewards rewards stupid girls that have illegitimate kids, and idiot sperm donors. There shouldn’t be one teen mom with all of the sex education out there that I pay for that supposedly teaches kids how to not get pregnant.

      • 👱‍♀️

        Calmyertits wrong!! Teen mom here and my daughter may not be an astronaut but she is a straight A students and starting her freshman year of high school in all honors classes! She can be whatever she wants to be and I’m there to push her to keep doing better!! Just saying

      • Hurricane Harvey

        There is nothing to celebrate when a child brings another child into the world. Every time a teen mother gives birth, my wallet gets opened. The whole welfare system is a sham and the only people who should be required to pay for the upkeep of a teenager’s baby would be her own parents, the sperm donor, and the parents of the sperm donor – assuming that there are parents involved, at all. The tax paying public should not be responsible for this epidemic.

        Welfare has become a career choice. And, little Miss Emoji, I couldn’t care any less if you are a teen mother and you think that you are doing everything right. When you are 30 years old and wondering why you’re a grandmother, look in the mirror at what you taught your kid.

      • lololol

        conservatives are the first to cry about supporting people with welfare, wic and food stamps. yet they’re party is firmly on a pro-life stance. well if all of the funding to planned parent hood isn’t being cut and abortions were more acceptable then we wouldn’t have nearly as large as an issue. Aborting an unplanned pregnancy is one of the hardest things to do in life, but also one of the most responsible. but the right would rather throw stones at someone who is mature enough to realize that they could not afford/ support a newborn exactly the way they want to and so they abort it and put having children on hold until a later, more stable time in life. so backwards.


        lololololololol you are an idiot. pro life means people being responsible before they have kids. teenagers do not make wise parents. it doesnt have anything to do with politics other than the more we keep the dumb teenagers pregnant and dependent upon the government to pay their way the more demoncraps have people voting to keep them in office.

    • Own It

      Disgusted, you are an idiot. Every time a teenager has a baby, the taxpayers must pay unless their mommy and daddy pick up the tab. Really? You’re doing what you have to do? What does that involve, little girl? Does it involve pole dancing and grant funding for your associate’s degree in early development? My own income is abysmal and I resent having to pay for every stupid kid that doesn’t use birth control so that I don’t have to pay for their illegitimate kids.

      Without complications, prenatal care and a normal childbirth costs $15,000. Food assistance and WIC can amount to $400 per month for one child under 4 years of age. Housing and utilities can be valued at $600 – 850 per month. Cash benefits can amount from $400 – 600 per month. The value of medical assistance adds up to include medical, dental, vision, emergency care, ambulance service, prescription coverage, and long-term care that would cost up to $500 per month – out of pocket. Prescription copays usually cost no more than $1. In total, each teenage mother costs a taxpaying citizen up to $2350 PER MONTH for 18 years while the woman remains single, employed on a part-time basis as a fast-food restaurant, and the programs that are available to these girls are countless.

      Disgusted, are you earning over $2000 per month to pay your way and your kid’s, or are you covered by medical assistance, WIC, housing, cash benefits, and the rest? If you are, tell me where you’re working so I can get a better job, too. All of my income goes to pay for these outrageous programs.

      • ELIOT

        You are including the mother AND the baby in your data, right? Well, add on the next kid under 4, and the next, and the next. Sumbuddy gotsta pay foe deez keyidz says the single mother of 15 that began at 14. A effing litter of kids she had. Yeah tell us how youre so different and special.

      • In a galaxy far far away

        Then they manage to get them diagnosed with ADHD and get another $600-$700 a month from the system. The behavioral problems have nothing to do with kids who dont have a clue raising kids! Dont forget the free health insurance. MAYBE ths solution is to keep their pants on!


      you arent on welfare you say? give us all a clue how youre making it on your own without any help.

    • Bob Smith

      That young lady didn’t have any common sense….. You are right that she is NOT required to keep that child. Go to Social Service agencies to talk to a social worker about their options…… She can sign up for adoption right after birth…. Lot of them kept it and kids grew up in poverty and hungry. That’s not fair to a child. NOT FAIR!

  • Their skeert


    I’ve typed it before, and I’ll type it, again: to drive a vehicle, I must apply for one and pass 2 tests. In order to fly an airplane, I must have a certain number of hours of flight instruction, a certain number of solo flight hours logged, apply for a license, and pass numerous tests. In order to upgrade the electrical service in my home, I must apply for a permit, submit to an inspection, PASS the inspection, or fix the problems and submit to additional inspections until the job passes. In order for me to adopt a pet from a shelter, I must submit an application that includes my physical address, veterinarian, and only god-knows-what-else. I only need to have sex with someone to produce another human soul.

    Gawdalmighty………….the BAR should be investigated for serving underage people, as well. (sigh) Great. Another burden on the taxpayers. Just great.

  • Just saying

    I would rather roll around naked in a bathtub full of broken glass while violently sodomizing myself with a weedwacker than I would to live in Luzerne county!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      If I were to do something like that to myself, I’d have to do it in center city Wilkes-Barre with some acid just for the experience of it all.

    • In a galaxy far far away

      Another generation of welfare addicts for us to support. I’m shure she will have many more children for us to pay for! Meth isn’t free and since I am sure she does not have gainful employment, what do you suppose she uses for payment? As I said, more kids to come! What the hell, In our society you get rewarded for pumping out kids when you have no means to support them! These people are like human PEZ dispensers. Im sure she is a Hillary supporter!

    • Honestly

      I grew up in Luzerne County. I am single, no kids, 41, and I’ve never done drugs and I do not drink. No, I do not live in PA anymore, but I have family there. Where I’m at now, it’s still the same shit as there, that doesn’t mean I am going to make a bad choice. Not everyone will now, or ever, grow up the same just because of the county or state they choose to live in. To say that sterotypes everyone and that’s not right. I graduated highschool, went to college, have my license, own a pet, and have my own place. My bills are paid, I have a roof over my head, and food for myself and my dog. Now, you tell me I’m The same cuz I grew up in Luzerne County! I think not!!! Do a damn survey, stop the sterotypes! Ppl make their lives and choices, not all are good or bad, but we as individuals make a choice, and hopefully they are going to give us some type of benefit. Sadly she made a bad choice and it may only benefit the child in the end….

    • Kimberly

      Thats not true i grew up in Luzerne county have no kids and work my ass off. I support myself and my house.

    • Kimberly

      i never drink or do drugs I’m against all kinds of drugs including pot. so you best rephrase that statement. not all Luzerne county is bad .

      • lololol

        im not so sure you should be taking pride in something that has helped exponentially more people than it has harmed (pot). we’re coming out of the dark ages in that aspect now so the research is finally coming to light.

  • Bob Smith

    Idiot! She is not fit to be a mother! That baby should be in bed at 8…….. And That lady needs to make up her mind….. Choose to have a good time or put that child up for adoption.

    • El Ma

      BOB SMITH, with all of the free birth control available out there, I cannot imagine why these girls keep having children.

      • Bob Smith

        I agree! Planned Parenthood do get federal funds for low cost or free birth control….. Why didn’t they take advantage of it???? Didn’t they learn at Sex Education? I’ve lived in Houston where lot of black girls and grown women are having babies than Latinos….. And living in poverty!

      • beam_me_up

        Back in the day it was like some ended with an unexpected even unwanted pregnancy..you gave it up for adoption, or your family helped, or unfortunately there was an abortion. Put off by the whole ONE TIME experience, we went on birth control until we were ready to be moms. Nowadays some of these girls have babies as their means of income. Thank God they’re born, but not under optimal circumstances to say the least!

      • El Ma

        BEAM ME UP, ditto that. A girl could sleep with as many fellows as she cared to, but becoming and unwed, teenage mother was the WORST thing that could happen. Girls who did get pregnant disappeared for about 5 months, delivered their babies, signed them over to be adopted, and learned from their dreadful, sad, and gut-wrenching ordeal.

        Today? Girls as young as 12 prance around in school rubbing their…………no kidding………….”baby bump” and have free medical, dental, vision, housing, food, diapers, and everything else that a child might physically need. What these idiot girls do NOT receive is common sense, dignity, or learned lessons on how to become independent, self-sufficient, and self-esteemed.

        What a system.

      • Bob Smith

        You’re right- Young lady didn’t know what she is doing. At her age is she ready to be Parenthood? Do she have a job? Who’s daddy? She might think and expect that her folks are willing to support her? Help from grandparents? Relatives? Friends? Back in 1960’s President Johnson’s Great Society. You know public assistance and several programs was founded so, you can keep your kids and cut burden at Catholic charities. Until 1996 President Clinton Welfare to Work…. People chronically over depend that program and lot of money went to them forever. Today the assistance is spread thin. Daddies must pay too. It’s not too late to put up in adoption. Or judge will take it away.

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